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Best band ever. Enough said.
Best song is Trooper, everyone should listen to this song.
by Jamie January 08, 2004
187 43
The greatest band ever to grace the universe. they are the only thing i listen to, literally. i worship them. they are my gods, monarchy and family all at once. Their songs fill me with happiness and joy. if i get the chance to hypnotise the world, im gonna make EVERYONE worship them. their best song, in my opinion, is all of them. there is no such thing as a bad iron maiden song, as a matter of fact there is nothing bad about iron maiden.
man: who is iron maiden?
me: my gods!
by iron maiden worshiper March 13, 2005
80 37
1) A spell casted in Diablo 2 which returns all the damage a creature inflicts to it.
2) A kickass metal band
1) Shit, this guy has iron maiden maxed out, if I hit him I'll die!
2) Iron Maiden ROCKS, dude.
by Ice January 05, 2004
86 43
The greatest band of all time. Fantastic muscisians and songwriters. In the 6 months I have been listening to them I have bouth all of their cd's except for The X Facter and Virtual XI.
Some of their best songs are: Hallowed be they Name, Run to the Hills, The Trooper, Bring your Daughter to the slaughter, Fear of the Dark, and many more.
by Pudgypenquin March 21, 2005
55 13
The best metal band ever, the only people who actually hate it are dumbass slipknot fans who spam the metal forum every time someone tells them to shut the fuck up about maggots, seriously.

The best they've ever made is the best album I've ever seen: Seventh Son. Also check out Powerslave and Somewhere In Time.
Anyone who says Iron Maiden suck obviously have no taste in music, so ignore them.
by theamazingbender November 15, 2006
65 24
An extremely influential British metal band who got started as part of the NWOBHM. Largely owe their style to Judas Priest, but put their own spin on the form of metal that Priest established. Influenced a ridiculous amount of metal bands, and still going today. Basically one of those bands that is mandatory for metalheads.
-Bruce Dickinson
by Pyrus August 26, 2004
63 22
A Very Good NWOBHM Band, that have influenced many modern day rock and metal bands.
Iron Maiden:indeed.vvvvvvvvvvv
by thgfhtxfdhtyjfghfhth August 31, 2006
45 6
Fuck anyone who hasnt heard of them. Greatest metal band ever, you say no? Go eff yourself. El oh el.

Weeee sluts.
Sign of the Cross is the best song.
by Lumpy September 22, 2003
79 40