1. Most definitely THE greatest band in the history of music. Also the coolest band to be a fan of along with Megadeth and Judas Priest
2. One of the most loved bands in the world along with Slayer and Judas Priest.
3. Quite possibly one of the most talented bands in the history of music, not only on instruments, but with vocals and songwiting ability
4. The reason why we have Power Metal and Thrash metal (both great)
5. People who dislike them are all below the age of 16 and think real heavy music is Slipknot and the like.
1.O my god they are so awesome
2.I walk into a public restroom with my Maiden hat on, some kid looks at me and says "hey-ey! Iron Maiden wooo!!!!!" *devil horns*
3.Listen to Infinite Dreams, thats the highest quality guitar work and songwiting you will ever hear
4. Thank Maiden for great bands such as Metallica (Lars says he got his thrash inspiration from listening to 22 Acacia Avenue)
5.Dipshit Kid: Iron Maiden suck, they are old as hell and soft i listen to real bands like Slipknot who are much cooler.
by Dsizzle January 02, 2006
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The greatest metal band of all time. A NWOBHM band that has defined all metal we know today (excluding Nu-Metal). Iron Maiden (along with the also immortal Judas Priest , Thin Lizzy, and Motorhead) influenced every 80s and 90s thrash band (including Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, and most noticeably Iced Earth) and invented the Power Metal genre (even though technically IM is neither thrash metal nor power metal). Their best albums are the golden trio: Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, and Powerslave. Their two new albums, Brave New World and Dance of Death, also kick fucking ass. Their best song, fuck it, THE BEST METAL SONG EVER MADE is Hallowed be Thy Name.
Iron Maiden is the beginning. Iron Maiden is the reason. Bruce Dickinson is the best singer. Dave Murray and Adrian Smith (and Janick too) are the best guitarists. Steve Harris is the all-time best songwriter and a damn good bassist, and Nicko McBrain is a fucking amazing drummer. Iron Maiden can't be fought.
by Wyatt b quiet March 12, 2004
The absolute best fucking metal band on the face of this planet or any other.

See also: God
Iron Maiden is the whole reason I learned to play guitar.
by n0disguise November 07, 2003
1) The best metal band...wait...best band ever.

2) A medieval torture instrument shaped rather like a coffin, but that the head and feet could come out of. It was lined with spikes inside, and closed on people who commited the most heinous crimes, such as not liking the king.
Iron Maiden are awesome.

I'd like to put that dipshit NED in an Iron Maiden.
by Bored_individual June 15, 2004
The biggest metal band on the planet, but I agree, some people just can't appreciate the sheer genius of their music.
The best Iron Maiden song has got to be "Hallowed Be Thy Name".
by vinny October 18, 2003
The greatest band ever to grace the planet
whoever dislikes Iron Maiden should be shot
by Dave February 07, 2004
1) One of the defining bands of Heavy metal through the 80's. Famous for songs such as "Number of the Beast" "Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter" and "2 Minutes to Midnight". They show some of the highest levels of instrumental talent known to Metal. A major inspiration to metal bands through the 90's to present day. They continue to churn out amazing and consistant hits (apart from during the mid 90's). Contrary to popular American belief, they are NOT satanists.
2) A medieval torture and execution device which was made of iron. A person was placed inside the box of the iron maiden while the door (which had impaling spikes on the inside) was closed slowly to to maximise pain and injury, while the prisoner died over the next few hours to few days from their injuries.
1) "I just picked up Iron Maiden's new album, it's amazing!"
2) "Throw him in the Iron Maiden!"
by Burbster November 30, 2003
The best Metal band ever. Best thing to come out of England, i'd say. They are genius, and not satanic, which many people of the US Portray them as.

They have so many awesome hits. Almost every song they write is amazing!
Hallowed be thy name, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Alexander the Great, Aces High, Dance of Death, No More Lies, Seventh son of a seventh son, Blood Brothers, The Evil that men do, etc, etc, etc! :D
by Colin (alias Ohgar) May 18, 2004

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