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Founded by bassist Steve Harris, Iron Maiden infused Thin Lizzy style dueling guitars and throbbing basslines with a more metallic sound, leading the British Heavy Metal explosion circa 1980. Though they've made brilliant music throughout their career (excluding No Prayer for the Dying and Fear of the Dark), Maiden were at their peak from Number of the Beast through Somewhere in Time. Known for blisteringly intense live shows featuring both flawless musicianship and energetic stage antics. Maiden is real fuckin' heavy metal. \m/
"Iron Maiden destroyed at Ozzfest '05. They gave me whiplash of the headbangingest sort. Hell, that was easily worth having to endure 50 minutes of the mallcore Mudvayne." -Me
by AdmiralDavidov August 14, 2005
102 24
Very crappy metal band. Most of their songs follow a cookie-cutter power-ballad: Each song starts mid-tempo or slow, then after a few very repetive verses there is a guitar solo which starts at a slow tempo then suddenly gets fast in the middle, at which point the solo becomes totally unrelated to the song (listeners are supposed to think its good though). Iron maiden songs often repeat the same chorus four or five times in the same song. Be warned that Iron Maiden fans might actually get violent if you point out to them that iron maiden songs generally exemplify poor musicianship.
"Stranger in a strange land" is a cooky cutter power-balad with a crappy guitar solo and an over-repeated chorus. When is Iron Maiden going to learn to write decent songs?
by Haggot May 22, 2005
42 487
I don't know what the fuck all of you freaks are talking about.Iron Maiden fucking SUCK!
Bruce D: "oooooh my weiner is the size of my pinky when it's hard,oooooh"
by groove or die January 14, 2005
45 527
A shitty band that makes shitty music (no matter how you want to label it) for tone-deaf fuckers with no taste in music and who wouldn't know REAL music if it bit them on the balls.
First of all they're not the best anything so shut the fuck up you queers.
Second of all they're not even the best metal band and even if they were who cares? Metal ain't all it's cracked up to be anyways.So being the best metal band would just be like being the biggest FAG or something.
Iron Maiden sucks and blows ass so shut up ya friggin nerd kids 'cause you don't know wht the fuck you are even talking about.It's okay if you like them and all but just shut the fuck up with this "they're the bestest ever" bullshit.
by you all lick anus ,ya friggin fags September 29, 2005
73 568
A band that needs to have three guitarists to help them not suck. Too bad this doesn't work.
Iron Maiden is for pussies who don't know hardcore. Listen to a good band like the Killers or Goo Goo Dolls.
by GooGoo Guy April 26, 2005
57 567
fuckers who killed rock & roll
metal sucks my fuckin nuts
by mtv destroys brain cells January 25, 2005
43 598
GAY ASS 1920's pathetic pretend metal which only 75 year old senior citizens listen to. MOTHER OF SWEET JESUS THEY SUCK AND SLIPKNOT KICKS THEIR ASSES ANY FUCKIN DAY NIGGERS
Dickweed: Dude Slipknot sucks. you should listen to iron maiden.

Me: You are a fucktard. ASS BAG
by iron maiden sucks April 08, 2005
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