Founded by bassist Steve Harris, Iron Maiden infused Thin Lizzy style dueling guitars and throbbing basslines with a more metallic sound, leading the British Heavy Metal explosion circa 1980. Though they've made brilliant music throughout their career (excluding No Prayer for the Dying and Fear of the Dark), Maiden were at their peak from Number of the Beast through Somewhere in Time. Known for blisteringly intense live shows featuring both flawless musicianship and energetic stage antics. Maiden is real fuckin' heavy metal. \m/
"Iron Maiden destroyed at Ozzfest '05. They gave me whiplash of the headbangingest sort. Hell, that was easily worth having to endure 50 minutes of the mallcore Mudvayne." -Me
by AdmiralDavidov August 14, 2005
a band that has yet to start not sucking
they will never not suck and if you disagree well then fuckyou
by you suck you FUCKin SHMUCK January 14, 2005
iron maiden is the suckiest, gayest band of all time. music for the souls of twisted, long haired, satanic bitches. HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF FROM THIS MADNESS: Carry a crucifix around and if one of these goths tries to hurt you, show him/her/it the crucifix: "OW! THE LIGHT, IT BURNS!" I hate iron maiden.
"Somebody save me, its Iron Gayden, i mean iron maiden!"
A BAD Judas Priest impersonation.
Iron Maiden can suck my wang.
by }{{}}{ October 06, 2005
The most overrated,shittiest band of all time.
Iron Maiden suck a pedophile fags dirty asshole.
by OO October 05, 2005
A shitty band.God you all must be tone-deaf or something.
iron maiden sucks just like gnr and motley crue suck
by fuck you faggots September 01, 2005
A very OVERRATED and very unoriginal band who sounds like shit so what's the fuckin use?
You can't disagree that they're overrated.Just look at all of these definitions these kids have made calling them the 'best band ever'.Uh,excuse me? How could they be anywhere near the best band ever when they sound like shit and are retarded?
Iron Maiden sounds like Homosexual Opera to me.It's like a more homosexual version of opera anyways.Sure the guitar work is pretty good but that's nothing unique.Lots of great guitar players in the world.Their bass players' alright too.So what.There's lots of good bass players out there.Their singer fucking sucks almost as bad as Axl Rose.Their songs are dumb.Their lyrics are retarded.They are not the best anything (not even the best metal band).
by YOU SHIT IN YOUR PANTS September 10, 2005
1. Iron Maiden: A medieval instrument of torture and death.

2. Iron Maiden: A heavy metal band also considered to be an instrument of torture and death.
1. Arrrgh no! Not the Iron Maiden!!
2. Arrrgh no! Not Iron Maiden!!!!!
by Verne December 03, 2003

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