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Iron Brew (as opposed to Irn Bru, made by Barr) is a bright orange sweet drink. It can be bought at the unholy cheap price of 39p for two liters from Lidl (other low-budhet supermarkets ARE available), and tastes almost identical to its Barr-made parent, although slightly less fizzy. Very tasty. Any brand of Iron Brew is reccommended. Apparently a 'fruit flavoured' soft drink but I can't taste any fruit. Legend has it that Iron Brew was originally made of molten iron, straight out of the blast furnace, and coloured with Scottish ginger hair (veracity of this rumour is doubtful). The spelling was then probably bastardised to Irn Bru and sold as a brand.
Damn, Iron Brew from Lidl tastes darn good, costs feck all but makes you piss like hell
by larry the person October 08, 2006
Iron Brew (not Bru) is a delicious gourmet coffee roasted in the South. They carry many roasts and flavors though their beans are not blended with anything other than 100% Arabica Beans. This brand is highly recommended. Once you switch over to Iron Brew you'll never go back!
Iron Brew is good enough to drink in the morning, all day, and into the evening. It's delicious!
by Carolin-A May 11, 2009
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