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An awesome town located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula former home of Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci
People from Iron Mountain are usually the shit.
by bigbootybeeee April 22, 2009
A small ghetto hick town in the "UP"(upper penisula). Most of the adults are over weight and extremely old, but basically the teenagers of the Iron Mountain - Kingsford area are running these towns. There are many stoner groups and under age sexual acts. There has been many fights and juvenile arrests resulting from these areas. Mostly from kids living on the outskirts of these towns, such as areas around M95 highway and living on the country side of these towns.
Mom, I'm bored.

Go smoke some weed in Iron Mountain.
by u.s.a town travelers January 08, 2011
A small ghetto hick town in the "UP"(upper penisula) the people from this town are generally older and extremly fat. This may be due to the fact that Iron Mountain has virtually every fast food resturant known to exist. The residents are also extremly creepy, handing out fashion advice and health tips, even though they are constantly eating fast food and are dressed like gay mountain men. Iron Mountain should be advoided by all normal non-red neck, people.
small town named Iron Mountain in Michigan
by B to the L June 17, 2010
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