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The term "Iron Mike" is uniquely American slang used to refer to men who are especially tough, brave, and inspiring.

Typically used within the military, especially among Marines.
Marine 1: Gunny has 2 purple hearts and a Congressional Medal of Honor.

Marine 2: He is the true definition of "Iron Mike."
by R-PET March 03, 2011
A dildoe specifically for the purpose of rectal penetration.
do you think she is going to call you? Oh no, she is probably buying batteries for her Iron Mike right now.
by TOTES MIGOATS October 26, 2011
Nickname for a loose cannon RA who spazzes at every minor infraction of the rules.
Iron Mike wrote us up for sexual harassment for using the word "testicle."
by adamisaspaz March 04, 2003
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