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V. to meet a fly honey with braces at a bumpin party. Then, proceed to take her into a room with shag carpeting and shove and twist that ho's face into the carpeting until her braces have been adequately tangled in said carpet. After, proceed to have your way with her.
Wesley: Ew, dude, that chick has braces.

Derek: Whatever, man, I'd Iron Man that ho.
by Welryn August 16, 2008
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To Iron Man a ho is to proceed with sexual intercourse with said ho, until you feel the urge to climax. Before climax get a metal bucket then come inside of it. After that, put the bucket on your ho's head like a helmet. Once she has the Iron Man helmet on she must say, "I am Iron Man" in a robotic voice.
Last night I had to Iron Man that ho then punch her in the face to show her who her Iron Monger is.
by Oinkster July 10, 2008
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when you jizz on a ho back and then stick a sheet of tinfoil to her, so when she wakes up in the morning she has a metal cape. the same meaning of superman that ho but replace the blanket with tinfoil.
carter threatens katie that he will ironman that ho!
by bobbert sagget January 18, 2008
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