it's a torture device shaped like a person and has spikes in it. The victim stands inside it and the spikes impale the person causing him/her to die slowly.
the Iron Maiden is so very gruesome
by wecl0me12 August 23, 2009
One of the best if not the best band ever. Some of their best songs are: The Trooper, Hallowed Be Thy Name, Wasted Years, Stranger In A Strange Land, Aces High, and their best song and most underrated song is Caught Somewhere In Time.
Dude I was in such a shitty mood and then I listened to Caught Somewhere In Time by Iron Maiden and I have felt fucking great ever since.
by Fan of Good Music September 24, 2009
1:A vary talented metal band.

2:A touture divice with spikes in side a coffen closed slowly to inflict max. pain. After days or hours the victim would die from injeris or suffication.

3:A mutent creature from Resident Evil 4 in wich it grabs Leaon and pulls him towerds it then he is stabed by spikes that comes out of the Iron Maiden`s body. Dose a lage amount of damage.
1:Iron Maiden is the best!

2:The poor man was put in the Iron Maiden.

3:Iron Maiden creep me out.
by =Fox= January 23, 2006
The other important British heavy metal band, next to Black Sabbath. They're a decent band, they're not godlike like most fans say, nor do they suck @$$ like the haters claim. Have you ever noticed that all the UD definitions of this band fall on the two extremes of opinion?
I mean, there are the people that drool on the band's shoes, and those that pi$$ on them.
Iron Maiden uber-fan: OMDG, Iron Maiden rule all!
Iron Maiden non-fan: Noooo, they suck big time!
*they argue*
Reasonable person: Iron Maiden are OK. They good, but not great.
Uber-fan and non-fan both: FAGGOT! Hey, we agree on something!
Reasonable person: *groans*
An iron maiden is a torture device that is about 6 to 7 feet tall. The victim is placed standing inside of it and there are usually knives or sharp points on both sides that immediately dig into the victim's body when it is closed. They will die of blood loss or asphyxiation.
person:"Do you know that the Ripley's museum in NYC has an ironmaiden?"
tourist: "really? what is that?"
person: "a torture device, it has 14 spikes in it that pierce your eyes, heart, throat and other areas."
tourist "neat!"
by necronomicon April 10, 2008
A kick-ass metal band from England! Best songs are "Hallowed Be Thy Name" and "Aces High".
Iron Maiden beats the shit out of the Failtles.
by MetalHead16 October 25, 2010
The Best Metal Band of all time. Top 10 best songs would be 1)Blood Brothers 2)These Colors Don't Run 3)Lord of Light 4)Dance of Death 5)The Rainmaker 6)The Clansman 7)The Trooper 8)Aces High 9)Where Eagles Dare 10)Different World

This is obviously excluding The Number of the Beast, Hallowed Be Thy Name and, Rime of the Ancient Mariner.
Damn this IRON MAIDEN stuff is the shit! UP THE IRONS!
by WTF FTW! August 03, 2011

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