Definitely one of the best techno artists ever.

Iron Horse is a enigmatic, mysterious person who gives out no personal details, but when any music is released by Iron Horse it makes a huge splash in the music world. It is unknown what programs Iron Horse uses to create his incredable tunes. The Songs Have a pattern of being short, snappy songs which can make you laugh, cry, smile, frown or trip.

At the time of writing Iron Horse has two mind-blowing albums out- The incredable debut 'Good' and the Absolutely Awesome follow up CD 'The everlasting spiral'. They feature brillant songs such as 'Merry-go-round' and 'A crazy zoo for crazy animals'.

Iron Horse is undoubtly a amazing music writer and can captivate anyone with the wide range of music Iron Horse can make.

-Yo! You heard about Iron Horses new album?
-Yeah I'm his biggest fan, I got the everlasting spiral right here!
by Techno Fan21 November 18, 2005
Another slang term for penis... say your bitch wants to "ride" something, tell her she can get on your "Iron Horse"... get it?
Why dont you take a ride on my Iron Horsee!
by Brozo The Clown September 26, 2010
The sexual act consisting of 2 men naked, a cup full of shit, and a large dildo. One man shits into a cup while the other man gets into doggy-style position. The man who has now shat in the cup sits on the other man's back, riding him like a horse while holding the cup full of shit over the other man's mouth and nose. The man on top also fucks the bottom guy in the ass with the large dildo, completing the "Iron Horse" This is an example of a dusty poo fetish, and can also be seen at gay orgy's.
Guy 1: Man after you gave me that iron horse I will be blowing shit out of my nose for weeks!

Guy 2: Not to mention your ass will be sore as hell!
by sam-be-da-man September 15, 2010
What a wheelchair is called in the hood.
Dude got capped now he rides the IRON HORSE.
by Adam July 15, 2004
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