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A movie directed by Brad Bird about a very tall alien from space made out of iron who befriends a young boy during the Cold War. I believe it is set around 1957ish.
Iron Giant didn't do well in the box office, but it was praised by many critics.
by Newbia December 29, 2004
hot girl with blonde hair that walks through hallways shoulder checking the shit out of people
"dude whats that bruise on your shoulder from?"
"the iron giant came down the hall and i couldnt get out of her way"
by bitchcart May 24, 2009
A really, really, really hard boner. And I stress the "hard".
"Hold it! That iron giant almost poked my eye out!"
by Ryan B. June 06, 2003
The Bohemoth located in a my hairy jungle of love
Oh My, how am i ever going to get that iron giant in my mouth?
by jeff December 11, 2003
slang for penis
Look at the size of that Iron Giant
by I'm Not Afro MAn November 26, 2003
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