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A game played over IM between two insanely bored people. The first person says a dirty term and the second person must google image search that term (with safesearch filters off). Then the second person must send the first person a direct link to the picture to prove that they looked at it. After enough omg's, wtf's, and :O's, the second person will give the first person another dirty term and vice versa.

This game can seriously disturb, destroy, and lower your moral values.
player1: wanna play iron eyes?
player2: okay.
player1: fat hentai chicks
player2. WTF
player1: do it you pussy
player2: ok ok hld on

(a minute later)

player2: WTF
player1: hahahahahah
player2: (link to picture)
player2: ok my turn
player2: ghetto cock

you get the drill
by xmetal May 12, 2009
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