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one from a rural farm town that knows proper manners but behind scenes knows how to party or is well renowned in bed
that boy is so good in bed i swear he is from Iron City
by acyve18 February 05, 2011
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1. Nickname for the City of Pittburgh, due to its history with the production of iron, steel, and various other metals.

2. Brand name of a beer from Pittsburgh

3. Nickame for a jail. See also clink, lockdown, tank, and bighouse
We passed by the Iron City when we were on I-376 West

Guy1: What kegs did you get for this party?
Guy2: Iron City and Iron City Light
Guy1: What the fuck?
Guy2: You damn cheap ass, stop your bitchin'. It not like you kicked anything for it.
Guy1: True.
Guy2: Look at it this way: at least it's not Genessee, Natty Light, or even worse Budweiser.
Guy1: Budweiser. Uck.

Heheh, some fuck made headlines for forging 90k worth of bad checks. He's now doing 24 months at the Alleghany "Iron City".
by ricky roma November 18, 2003
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