See piss.
So I had an Iron City Beer while I was in Pittsburgh and it felt like I drank a bottle of fermented piss.
by Ekt8750 June 19, 2011
Top Definition
n. The main product made by Iron City Brewing Company, which was formerly the Pittsburgh Brewing Company until the brewery moved from Pittsburgh to Latrobe, PA. While Iron City Beer is classified as a macro-Pilsner, it is closer in taste to an India Pale Ale. As such, Iron City Light Beer has more flavor than most "regular" macro-Pilsners. Iron City Beer is known as an "ahn" by the locals (in Pittsburghese), and is a significant part of Pittsburgh's culture, and particularly its sports culture.
People who are used to other macro-Pilsners like Budweiser or Miller find Iron City Beer to be too malty and over-hopped--descriptions range from piss to "the slag off a steel mill."
by Dan Weyandt December 22, 2011
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