A subculture in America that still practices aspects of the culture that their Irish ancestors brought over hundreds of years ago. Different from the actual Irish since Irish-Americans culturally are more similar to the 1800's Irish than modern Irish. Comparable to Italian-Americans, Jewish-American, Polish-American and Asian-Americans. The whole Irish-American subculture was generated back in the 1800's when Irish Catholic immigrants faced adversity from the White Protestants already in America so they bonded together in neighborhoods and retained their heritage. This is why St. Patrick's Day is a giant celebration in cities like Chicago, Boston, and New York. A lot of people claim they are Irish-American like a lot of people try to claim they are Italian-American/Polish-American, just because they are boring typical white Americans whose genealogy traces back to England or Germany.
My cousin Kevin is a typical Irish-American. Friendly, hard working, and visits Ireland at least once a year.
by yoyoyokn November 02, 2008
Some poor Irish family in the 1800s left the Emerald Isles due to famine and sailed to America. Thus, they created new lives in American society, yet over a century onwards their great-great-great-great grandchildren insist that they are Irish. Even though they have never set foot on Irish turf in their life. It is an insult to the Irish nation and the Americans do get the piss taken for making such ridiculous claims. The Irish find it boring when, on holidays in the USA, the locals try to emphasise their Irishness. It doesn't work.
A - Oh, this guy I met in New York was telling me that he was Irish too.
B - Really? Whereabouts here is he from?
A - Well, he's never actually been to Ireland before, but his great-great-great grandfather sailed over to New York from Ireland in 1862...
B - Awh not another one of them eejits who insists that they're Irish?!
A - Yeah, I just nodded and supressed my laughter/anger!
by LSJ April 18, 2005
Someone hated by Americans for their Irish heritage, and hated by the Irish for their American birth/upbringing.
American: Where's your family from?
Irish-American: Ireland
American: Screw off you leprechaun SOB

Irish person: Where are you from?
Irish-American: America, but my family is from Ireland
Irish person: Feck off Yank
by Peter Parker Sucks September 15, 2015
People who are loyal to America and Ireland at the same time,people who are hard workers,tough as nails,fun-loving,church goers who I support 115%!
John Fitzgerald Kennedy,people who survived the harsh criticism from other people who weren't Irish,great people with traditional Irish names like Fitzgerald,Fitzpatrick,Fitzsimmons and O'Reilly,and people who care about the U.S. of A. and the Emerald Isle!
The Irish-American is a great American!
by Fred Benson April 10, 2007
people living in America that have Irish ancestry. We are plastic paddies because many of us have a mix of heritages. Still we are proud that we are part Irish. If the people in Ireland won't accept the fact that we are proud then they can look and see that America has more people claiming to be Irish than Ireland has people.
IA: I'm Irish American
IM: You fucking Plastic Paddy
IA: You mind saying that to 30 million others of us?
by xtremlylucky February 23, 2011
A person who was born and raised in America but think they are Irish because of their name, but they aren't so HAHA!!! You are not irish and never will be.
american person: yeah im irish.
Me: no you're not
AP: hello! My name is irish!
Me: your a fool.
by True Irish Lassie April 23, 2005
Unlike in Ireland, where one can be easliy defined as Irish, defing someone as American is inaccurate seeing as the country is roughly a hundred times bigger. Because America is so large, we actually have to specify what blood we've got in us when talking to each other. And there is no prouder blood to claim than Irish blood,(one could maybe argue Italian), because they had to put up with a lot of crap and prejudice(not nearly as much as the blacks, but a close second)
1.)Blacks and Irish need not apply
2.)Real Paddy: You're American
Irish-American: I'm Irish-American, America's a big fuckin country.
Paddy: You don't count, you're a yank, a wanabe.
Irish-American: My grandparents were born in Ireland, I think that gives me some big fuckin ties to it, you elitist douche.
Paddy: Feck off
by Collinf December 20, 2006
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