Our brothers and sisters from across the water. Endured great hardships in the US, sent money home to help the motherland and reproduced like rabbits.
1. Individual with Irish heritage living in the US.

2. Irish individuals who become Irish Americans through naturalization.
by Oisin Gallagher October 19, 2010
An American who clings to a false Irish hyphenated identity in an effort to dilute his/her annoying, ignorant American one. They are known as 'Plastic Paddies'. They have never set foot on Irish soil, don't know any Irish people and call Irish (i.e. Gaeilge) 'Gaelic' e.g. ''OMG speak some gaelic!''. They believe they are Irish because their grandfather's grandmother lived next to a woman whose postman was from Dublin. Incidentally, Dublin is the only Irish city they're aware of, unless they're one of the elite few who know of ''Galloway'' (i.e. Galway, pronounced Gawl-way) or Cob - H (i.e. Cobh, pronounced cove). A real Irish person is born in Ireland and grows up there and would never compromise their identity by adding 'American' onto the latter end of their title of nationality (even if s/he moved to the U.S. and lived there indefinitely). Unless you have an Irish passport, don't call yourself Irish...even if your fifth cousin's brother-in-law's dog lived in Kerry!
Irish-American: ''I'm Irish too!''

Real Irish person: ''Really? Where are you from?''

''New York''.
by CogsKB July 26, 2011
1) Someone who holds dual nationality. Holds both Irish and American passports.

2) A myth. If your great great grandmother (who ran away) is Irish that does not make you Irish. You are stuck being American, bad luck! Whenever an American claims they're Irish, the whole world and especially Ireland laughs their arse's off.
Hi Im from Boston so Im Irish. To prove this Ill wear the tricolour occasionally and have fake shamrocks and leprecauns in my house. Ill also be as racist as possible when it comes to Blacks, Brits or anyone else I think i should hate! Goooo Cellticcss!! They're Irish right?
by Fucktards February 03, 2005
One who claims to be Irish whilst having no idea what (an island), let alone where 'Ireland' is, having never been there, and having no real intention of ever going there. Blissfully unaware of their own country having no dual-citizenship treaty with the Republic of Ireland.
Often displaying a supreme lack of irony by positively shouting about the fact that their family has donated to an international terrorist organisation that murdered children (often Irish children, which is presumably somehow worse) in the very same brash tone they use in praise of their own country's 'War on Tear.'
Slightly less despicable than the anti-smoking brigade, though the demographics often overlap creating a group of people that would incline one towards taking up a superstition such as christianity in order to hope that one'll get to witness armageddon.
Irish-American: Say, 'bud', wurrrr ya from?
Me: Northern Ireland
IA: Oh, Arland, I'm Arsh too!
Me: I'm not actually Irish, I didn't say Ireland, I said, "Northern Ireland." They're seperate countries.
IA: Well I see it as one, the whole place is so close to my heart!
Me: Ah. You must have spent a lot of time there, if you think it's closer to your heart than to that of someone who was born and raised there.
IA: Well, I, um. I never really got the time. But hey, they're joined, right? Same thing, right?
Me: Yeah, well you Mexicans always were a bit fucking slow.
IA: I'm not Mexican.
Me: ... ... (penny never drops). Know what? Fuck off.
by Davey R. Blue March 21, 2007
The most annoying people in THE WHOLE WORLD.
Who, by the way, can't really call themselves Irish just because they sometimes wear green, have drunk guinness, and have ginger hair
and especially because a large proportion of my so-called fellow Irishmen have, in fact, no idea that the island is split into TWO SEPARATE COUNTRIES.
me (irish): hello.
"irish-american": oh my gawsh, do i detect a lilting irish brogue?
me: um, well if you're wondering if i'm from ireland, then, well, i suppose i should say "yes" about now.
"irish american": i'm irish too, you know.
me: really, you sound like you're american to me.
"irish american": no, my great great great great second cousin once removed came from kerry! all my friends can hear the irish accent in my voice- can't you?
me: um. well to me you sound pretty much american
"irish american": och, you're having me on- as us irish say!
do you know my family, i wonder? the mckeowns of kerry? you must know them, they're big there.
me: well i'm actually from northern ireland, so...
"irish american": yes- the north of ireland
me: no- NORTHERN IRELAND. it's a different country.
"irish american": yeah, ok, and i live in northern north america.
me: that's different, see- it's a DIFFERENT COUNTRY
"irish american": not sure i follow you there...you're saying that the north of ireland is, in fact, a totally different country from southern ireland? when did that happen?
by a real irish person March 15, 2006
Americans who realise (or not)that everyone else in the world thinks they are retards and so desperately try to cling onto some other form of identity. Their surname is Irish thus almost proving that about 5 generations ago they must have had an Irish relative. They are therefore at least 1/32th Irish - the other 31/32th's are irrelevant - only the surname counts. Irish-Americans have most likely never been to Ireland and display no Irish traits and to anyone else would appear only American. However, they are still Irish and you should address them as such. The fact that most white American blood is that of the dastardly English is irrelevant.
Just about every American I've met described themselves as Irish-American, and I lived there. If it's not Irish then it's German, Swedish, Scottish etc. etc. Never ever English.
by SmartColin March 21, 2006
people living in America that have Irish ancestry. We are plastic paddies because many of us have a mix of heritages. Still we are proud that we are part Irish. If the people in Ireland won't accept the fact that we are proud then they can look and see that America has more people claiming to be Irish than Ireland has people.
IA: I'm Irish American
IM: You fucking Plastic Paddy
IA: You mind saying that to 30 million others of us?
by xtremlylucky February 23, 2011

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