irish dance is a great traditional form of dance. it is really pretty and the dresses are really pretty too. it uses great talent to go to the worlds....and lots of potentail...i hope to someday dance in the worlds and get something. i love irish dance. its great.
i love irish dance i have been doing it sence i was 4 and a half.
by the jennsta July 23, 2006
Top Definition
The greatest sort of dancing in the world.
I spend my spare time performing Irish Dance. :)
by P3anut G4llery May 04, 2006
To empty ones bank account through the wonderful world of mutant sized Shirley Temple wigs, sparkly $3,000 dresses and oh yeah ... some dancing too.
Irish Dance will be the death of me, I'm on my second mortgage because my daughter needed yet another Gavin!
by IDer November 12, 2009
A sport, yes, sport, that has small competitions call feisanna, regional competitions called Oireachtas, and National competitions, called Nationals. At Oireachtas and Nationals, you can qualify for Worlds, which is every dancer's dream. Also, it includes massive amounts of sparkles and lots and lots of money on dresses made my Gavin and Siopa. Great exercise!
1. I love to Irish Dance!

2. My Oireachtas is coming up, so I need to practice my Irish Dance steps.
by (hopeful) Oireachtas Queen! November 27, 2010
a competitive sport and art form that is sometimes referred to as a jig or a leperchaun dance. Some think of it as a joke but dancers are serious athletes who train all year round.
Oh you Irish dance? Can you do a "jig" for me?
by idk all of these are taken December 02, 2015
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