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Two black eyes that from a distance, look like a pair of sunglasses. Usually a gift to women by their boyfriends or husbands.
"Hey Ted, you see that lady over there?"

"Yeah. She's got a nice pair of Irish Sunglasses on."
#black eye #shiner #bruises #fisticuffs #shades
by Stone_Cold19D April 16, 2009
Comes from the stereotypical way Irish men beat their wives, so that Irish women are often seen with a pair of black eyes that resembles sunglasses.
Can be applied to any women with a black eye given by a man.
"I heard them fighting last night, and saw her leave the house this morning with a new pair of Irish Sunglasses"
#irish #sunglasses #wife beating #misogyny #stereotype #bruise
by The Good Captian December 21, 2009
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