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Word for many things or people. Common definition is when a Irish drunk, or someone who is drunk like a Irish man, who becomes mentally invincible and try's a impossible stunt and turns out to their death. Sometimes the Irish SNAFUer does not attempt the stunt and passes out. Other times he some how completes the stunt and spectators shit their pants uncontrollably, and usually after the stunt was a success the Irish SNAFUer dies from a random way. Either way it ends up in a SNAFU.

Other definitions are for people who is usually named from a German-descent first name, examples are like Conrad and Konrad.The person is usually in a way funny, and sometimes annoying but not usually enough to tell them to piss off. The person is usually random,shy and weird. Some people believe they are future psycho pathetic serial killers or even terrorist. Usually a conversation ends up in a SNAFU, and even can become a hate crime.

Basically everything that has to to with a Irish SNAFU turns into a SNAFU.

This is almost an example of Transitatic Electrobiomial Nomenclature Terrasumantial.
Teen on Xbox live with the gamer tag: Irish SNAFU, starts a conversation with Canadians about USA being ignorant and or retarded for starting a war with Iraq.

The Irish SNAFU tells the Canadians that they cant say shit, because their pansy country has literary the smallest democracy army in the world, and never fought a descent war.

The Canadians do not comprehend what the Irish SNAFUer is trying to tell them and tells him to fuck off, and kicks him from a xbox live party, or game, and the Canadians continue to talk shit about USA.

Later Canadian hate crimes rise in percentage in Texas.
by Irish SNAFU May 29, 2009
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