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Fuck. OFF. sigh. no more fart, alcohol, potato, or poor jokes about us, please. We are people too, who have feelings, and it is offensive. We have gone through so much shit, don't know if any of you shitheads realize it, but we have. No, the blacks weren't alone. Sure they had slavery, but we had fuckin brits on us, fire us first, hire us last. We were always poor, slaved in factories, were kept down by the brits, made to build a wall, many died in the process. Little kids. Elderly, sick, tired people. Everyone gets jumped on for being racist about african-americans now, but what about all the fuckin Irish jokes? cut it out. My grandma came to America when she was 18, and everyone made her embarrassed about her heritage. She was too shy to TALK. Then, she met Grandpa. =) he understood her. Now she's pretty well off, rich actually. I have only faced a little racism, I don't really have an accent, no (well, some people say I talk a little weird, lol), but when people find out I'm Irish... there's where the alcoholic jokes begin.
" Hey, you ever give anyone an Irish Alarm Clock?"
" go die in a hole."
by THE REAL Grungegirl August 09, 2009
The act of squatting over somebodies face whilst they sleep. From here, you cry out their name and punch them in the balls so that they jerk forward in pain, leaving them prime for a fart directly on the mouth/nose.
"Dude, Dave was asleep so I gave him an Isih Alarm Clock."

"My wife often makes sure I wake up in time for work by using the Irish Alarm Clock."
by Sean Gardner July 06, 2006
when you're woken by involuntary bowel movements in the early hours of the morning after drinking too many pints of guinness
Don't worry, I've set my irish alarm clock.
by stoutlover August 31, 2010
The sound someone makes when they overreact about nothing
Person 1: Hey did you hear that joke about the Irish Priest

Person 2: Hey quite down, you'll set that stupid bitches Irish Alarm Clock off

Stupid Bitch: WAAAAAAA! *indeciferable wailing*

Person 1&2: Oh shit.
by The Grunge Girl thats no bitch August 27, 2009
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