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Basically the sexiest person ever.
Oh there goes that goddess Iriana. I love her.
by Another babe April 04, 2011
One who is extremely attractive. Not only do they light up a room with their smile, they also have millions of guy chasing them. It is hard being as gorgeous and amazing as an Iriana, but that is what makes an Iriana so great. Its like an elite club that only the best of the best can join.
Girl 1:Oh dayuuuuummm look at that iriana. i wish i was like her
Girl 2: shes not that cool
Girl 1: ... are you stupid? look at her. shes like an angel fallen from heaven.
Guy1: I want her.
by babezzz April 04, 2011
The most amazing person in the world. she knows how to make anyone laugh and is so damn amazing that its sad that anyone would ever exist without her. loves her weird gay boyfriend. dances like a drunk slut whore at dances (my drunk slut whore buddy) loves gay men and is secretly a unicorn. needs nutella to survive. um nutella with carrots.. kinda gross. anyways loves gleee and has a very nice room with an even nicer poster .. i love that poster. <3
Wow she makes my world turn, she must be an Iriana
by alexisgirl April 04, 2011
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