She is the Sun to your world Warms u up & makes u feel like u are on cloud 9 Makes u feel like u are the only person in this world This girl is sweet, caring, amazing, kind, beautiful & oh so lovely She is a classy lady Irene is a one of a kind girl Has a wonderful body, amazing curves that no man will ever forget Perfect hour glass figure Can be mysterious which is very intriguing This woman is a gift from God Talented in many ways has a voice of an angel Will never hurt u or harm u Irene could never ever do tht to a human being Don't let her go, b/c that will be the worse thing u could ever do in ur life Makes ur life complete the way she looks at u her smile her touches Everything about her is unbelievable Shes the air that u breath She will keep u happy doesn't care what others think of her or what people have to say Has confidence in herself & in others Will risk everything to help u out An amazing best friend & girlfriend Always there when u need a helping hand or in need Great listener gives great advice If u are dating an Irene u need to wife her Will only love once & will only be w/ 1 special person in her life She s the best thing Will make u & everything around u memorable w/ pure joy & bliss. Whatever u do don't ever lose her b/c she sets the bar high in a great relationship & u will realize shes the best thing that ever happened to u If u knw an Irene u knw tht all of this is true Be careful w/ her heart its fragile & u don't want to break Gods gift to the Earth
Irene is unique like the universe,

Guy: I never realize that I lost the best thing that ever happen to me
Guy's best friend: What did you lose?
Guy: Irene, best relationship that I will ever have.

Irene is the sun to my galaxy.

Irene is the light if you are ever stuck in a dark tunnel she will be there to guide you.
Irene radiates sunshine and happiness
by Yourfuture November 08, 2012
(I-REEN) Proper Noun

A beautiful woman who is exceptionally sweet, sexy, has a great sense of humor, possesses great culinary skills, and is a great friend. Very compatible with guys named Ray.
My girlfriend is so well-rounded...she's a true Irene!

You're acting like such an Irene today!

Irene's usually do well in life.
by Ray TheBeast Sobers November 12, 2012
sexy bi-atch who is totally insane in the most awsome way
TOTAL NINJA! has FREAKIN AMAZING HAIRTSYLES AND COLORS!! she is the most random person ever who always wants spaghetti and walks around saying beans.. and making up songs about her socks and wearing the most amazing clothes you will ever see you can always hear Irene when she is miles away. is a really good drawer and has many wives (as a joke) she thinks when your knee is hurting you must have diabetes and has a huge fascination for GIR!!!!! you will never forget her even if you don't speak to her she is THE BAWSE AND DA' BOMB. and bow chicka wow wow. ( Irene in background dancing and doing the air)
(Amazing) (doing air and random poles) (irene)
by randomishly November 23, 2011
An Irene is funny, smart, beautiful and gets along well with others! She is the type of person you go to for advice. Irene is the motherly type. But don't mess with her she's one tough cookie!
" I love Irene she's the BEST ! "
by jackie727 April 23, 2013
To sleep in your clothes on an unmade bed, instead of going to bed like a normal person. It is important to note it has nothing to do with any kind of intoxication.
I did an irene last night, then I had to get up at three in the morning to brush my teeth and put on my pajamas.
by Hypation February 20, 2015
meaning oneself. comes from that semi-film me, myself and irene.

can also mean having alone time..more specifically self gratifying alone time. masturbation.
Mate1: heyman what are you doing tonight?

Mate2: just hanging with irene

(mate2 believes mate1 has something going on)
by coppersulphate May 15, 2011
How the Chinese and other residents of the Orient refer to a woman named Ilene.
Ilene: Hello, my name is Ilene.
China-man: Herro Irene, you want mirrion dorrah?
Ilene: ??
by Exile_Complex November 29, 2009

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