She is the Sun to your world Warms u up & makes u feel like u are on cloud 9 Makes u feel like u are the only person in this world This girl is sweet, caring, amazing, kind, beautiful & oh so lovely She is a classy lady Irene is a one of a kind girl Has a wonderful body, amazing curves that no man will ever forget Perfect hour glass figure Can be mysterious which is very intriguing This woman is a gift from God Talented in many ways has a voice of an angel Will never hurt u or harm u Irene could never ever do tht to a human being Don't let her go, b/c that will be the worse thing u could ever do in ur life Makes ur life complete the way she looks at u her smile her touches Everything about her is unbelievable Shes the air that u breath She will keep u happy doesn't care what others think of her or what people have to say Has confidence in herself & in others Will risk everything to help u out An amazing best friend & girlfriend Always there when u need a helping hand or in need Great listener gives great advice If u are dating an Irene u need to wife her Will only love once & will only be w/ 1 special person in her life She s the best thing Will make u & everything around u memorable w/ pure joy & bliss. Whatever u do don't ever lose her b/c she sets the bar high in a great relationship & u will realize shes the best thing that ever happened to u If u knw an Irene u knw tht all of this is true Be careful w/ her heart its fragile & u don't want to break Gods gift to the Earth
Irene is unique like the universe,

Guy: I never realize that I lost the best thing that ever happen to me
Guy's best friend: What did you lose?
Guy: Irene, best relationship that I will ever have.

Irene is the sun to my galaxy.

Irene is the light if you are ever stuck in a dark tunnel she will be there to guide you.
Irene radiates sunshine and happiness
by Yourfuture November 08, 2012
Top Definition
A crazy, fun person that doesn't care what people think of her. Usually a pretty girl, easily gets her crushes to like her back.
She always get away with being crazy, that Irene!
by Fershurr January 25, 2009
Greek word meaning Peace
Person 1: Hey! What's your name
Person 2: My name is Irene
by sgfk hgbv May 08, 2007
A Wonderful person, very pretty, funny, awesome friend, Super chill, Straight up GEe, Everyone wants to be her.
Irene is the bombb
by Domwashere June 17, 2009
A really, GORGEOUS girl that everyone is typically jealous of. Usually "Irenes" are bitches & crazy as shit, but ALWAYS know what they're talking about if one were to come across you & talk crap on you. They can rip ANYONE apart physically & mentally. Be prepared to scrap if you get on their bad sides.
Dylan: Man, that Irene chick is hotter than a depot stove!

Brook: Ughh I hate that bitch! She thinks she's smarter than me!

Dylan: Fuck you slut! She's wayyyy more attractive & would beat your ass if you said that to her face!

Brooke: Uhh yeah, I can't fight guess I'll stop talking shit..
by maXXthiz May 29, 2009
A kickass fun crazy girl with sexyy curves. Usually a gorgeous girl who easily gets her crushes to like her back. The sweetest girl you will ever meet. Is a funny, awesome friend, Super chill, Straight up Gee, Everyone wants to be her.Everyone is typically jealous of. always know what they're talking about if one were to come across you & talk crap on you. They can rip ANYONE apart physically & mentally. Be prepared to scrap if you get on their bad sides. Every guy flocks to her, but she acts like no one likes her, when reality every guy who has met her falls in love. She's like the sun, she is the sunshine to your day. Always laughing and smiling, she sings a lot and can make anyone be in a great mood. She is the best friendd that you would ever want. She will always have your back, will always be there for you even if you have lost her trust she will stand up for what she believes in. She speaks her mind. She is everything pretty and sweet smelling. If you ever meet Irene, then you are the luckiest person alive and if you are friends with her, that you'll be set for life, she always makes life a fun and adventurous place.
Dude did you hear that Irene stood up
for that girl that got hit in the face?

Shes a freaking peacemaker
by yee_118 December 09, 2011
a noun for someone who is multi-talented, as well as encouraging and complimenting

originated during conservatory class at OCHSA when an amazing girl named Irene Lee couldn't stop saying nice things to other people.
Wow, I wish I was an irene like Irene...
by Yellow Angry Bird April 28, 2011
Irene means "Go, This is not a drill". Taken from the Black Hawk Down mission "go" code. Used as a call to action.
I say again- "Irene". I repeat "Irene" Roger that.
by Gansta J September 16, 2006
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