1) A misguided horribly run war, based on false pretenses
2) A start of a conversation for misinformed or non-informed idiots to rant about how the war was or was not justified
3) Deciding factor in '04 election
4) A conversation starter for Democrats to complain about how we should pull out of the war even though it was a mistake to start it but we cant pull out now,BECAUSE how the fuck would you feel if a government blew down your house and killed one of your family members, in order to take saddam out of power and then said "bye-bye" and left you to pick up the pieces
1) Joe: Did u hear about the Iraq war?"
Bill: Yeah, its being horribly run
2) Idiot#1: We need to leave IRAQ NOW!
Idiot#2: Yeah, lets leave all those destroyed homes and leave!
3) Joe: You know how John Kerry lost the '04 election?
Bill: Had a crappy way to run the Iraq war
4) Democrat: We need to leave Iraq
Republican: No, we should stay there for 100 years!

by Joe Sloe February 07, 2008
Top Definition
An unjustified war with changing motives. It was brought up by years of lies.
Idiot: Why do you disagree with the Iraq War?

Smart man: Because there was no reason for it and no weapons of mass destruction?

Idiot: So you'd still rather have Saddam in power?

Smart man: No, but it wasn't work the deaths of Americans and civilians, and it we could used the money for better.

Idiot: well....uh...its people like Saddam bin laden that can't enjoy hannukagh....uhhh....fuck you!
by T-t-t-t-t September 17, 2006
- 9/11 occurs. United States in disarray-
Americans: "This is so horrible, who could have done such a thing! Somebody figure out who did it!"
Bush: "It was TERRORISTS!"
Americans: -wiping manly tears from eyes- "...Terrorists?"
Bush: "That's right! Terrorists! Al-Qaeda to be exact. They're in Afghanistan."
Americans: "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go get them!"
Bush: "We won't fight terrorism in Afghanistan alone, we'll fight them all over the world!"
Americans: "FUCK YEAR!" -Presidential ratings skyrocket-
Bush & Cheney: -snicker- Fucking morons.
Britain: "America, we'd love to company you in your crusade against terrorists in Afghanistan."
Britians: "Well, all right, I suppose that sounds like a good idea. I do dislike terrorists."
Bush & Cheney: -whispering to each other- "Now's our chance..." -approaches Britain with confidence- "So, Tony, in our crusade against terrorism, it's come to our attention that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction: AKA WMDs.
Blair: "Really? What are your sources?"
Cheney: "...Wikipedia."
Blair: "Well, I suppose that makes sense."
Bush: "So can we invade?"
Blair: "Don't you think we should check it out first, you know, just to make sure?"
Cheney: "But we KNOW they have WMDs, can't we just invade, pleeaaaaaseeee?"
Blair: "That doesnt seem very logical to me."
-Spock steps in- Spock: Not logical indeed.
Cheney: "FINE. Send the UN in and see what we can find."
-UN knocks on Iraq's door- "Hi! Hi! Hi!"
Hussein: -just waking up, snorting- "Huh. Wha...? Who is it?"
UN: "It's the United Nations. Mind if we poke around?"
Hussein: "Go away."
UN: "Pleeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?"
Hussein: "No. Go away." -goes back to sleep-
UN: "Fine, we'll just pester you until let us in." -knock knock knock-
-Five hours later-
Hussein: "FINE JESUS LOOK AROUND! FUCK!" -opens door-
UN: -walks in- "Thanks! We'll just poke around for a while."
Hussein: -snorts, rubs eyes- "Fine."
-They do that-
UN: "Well, it looks like we haven't found anything. Thanks for letting us in!" -walks out-
Hussein: "Whatever." -shuts door-
-UN returns to Bush, Cheney and Blair- UN: "Welp, we haven't found anything."
Cheney: "What? FUCK!"
Bush: "Well, this puts a damper on my day."
Blair: "See? Told ya. We narrowly avoided disaster."
-Bush and Cheney look at each other, they put on sunglasses and Cheney pulls out that memory eraser thing from "Men in Black" and flashes it into Tony Blair's eyes- Cheney: "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."
-Blair, hypnotized and repeating- Blair: "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."
Bush: "Al-Qaeda is operating in Iraq."
Blair: "Al-Qaeda is operating in Iraq."
Cheney: -takes off sunglasses- "Good, now tell everyone that you're helping us invade Iraq."
Blair: "Mmkay." -walks off-
Bush: -taking off sunglasses- "Sucker."
Blair: -walks outside- "Hey ho, citizens of Britain. We're going to accompany America's quest to invade Iraq."
Britians: -Dancing, drinking and singing all comes to an abrupt stop- "....Wha?"
Blair: "Yep, we're invading Iraq. We're all having a meeting with a whole bunch of other countries."
Britians: "But that doesn't make any sense!"
Bush: -across the room, points at Iraq- "Iraq!"
Hussein: -wakes up, one eyeball open, one half shut, snorts, yawns, looks around- "Huh?"
Bush: "You!"
Hussein: "Me?"
Bush: "Yeah, you!"
Hussein: -looks at watch- "What? I'm killing kids in a few hours, I need to have my beauty sleep."
Cheney: "You got weapons of mass destruction!"
Hussein: "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Bush: "You're building nuclear bombs and stuff!"
Hussein: "What? I don't know what you're talking about. Wait, didn't you send the UN here earlier to see if I was producing weapons of mass destruction earlier?"
Blair: "What?"
Bush: "Don't listen to him, Blair."
Blair: "Okay."
Cheney: "You have 48 hours to get out of Iraq with your sons 'n stuff or we're going to invade you."
Hussein: "Fuck you! I'm staying here because I don't have shit!"
Bush: "You're funeral." -Bush walks outside, addresses public- "Okay, America, we're invading Iraq, cause they have WMDs."
Smart Americans: -dancing around and cheering, drinking and singing comes to an abrupt end- "...huh?"
Dumb Americans: "FUCK YEAR!"
Smart Americans: "But that doesn't make any sense!"
Smart Americans: "Don't you people realize that these people aren't the target?"
Smart Americans: -facepalm- "Fuck."
-48 hours pass, the Death Star flies over Baghdad and zaps the living fuck out of everything-
-Iraqi citizens run around screaming-
Bush: "Nah-ah-ah! No you don't!" -pulls Hussein out of hole-
-United States soldiers run around screaming war cries and blasting the shit out of everything. After a few moments, they all stop and look around at each other cluelessly.-
Soldiers: "Hey, wait. Where are the WMDs?"
Smart Americans & Britains: "YOU FUCKING RETARDS!"
Bush: -looks around innocently- "Well, uh...." -puts giant sign up "Mission Accomplished"- "Mission Accomplished, guys!"
Dumb Americans: "FUCK YEAR!"
The Rest of the World: "We hate Americans now. They're stupid as hell."
Smart Americans and Britains: "So, where are our WMDs, Bush and Cheney?"
Bush: -shrugs- "I dunno. I'm pretty sure they had them."
Smart Americans and Britains: "Didn't you send the UN in to check?"
Blair: "You guys actually did send the UN in to check?"
Cheney: "Shut the fuck up, Blair."
Bush: "Well, we eliminated the world of a major threat. Aren't you asses happy? P.S. We're gonna have to have our troops sit around in Iraq for a few years while we rebuild it's government and install a democracy."
United States Soldiers: "Wait? What?"
Britain Soldiers: "What the fuck!"
Bush: -nervous laughter- "Yep! Well, uh... I'm off now. -runs away to white house and locks himself in his room-
US and British Soldiers: "FUCKING GOD DAMN IT!"
Taliban in Afghanistan: "Wheee! Iraq is left without a government! Perfect opportunity to install our operations there too!" -does that-
US and British Soldiers: "What? Why couldn't we have just stayed in Afghanistan!"
The World: "America the Retarded."
Stupid Americans: "FUCK YEAR! FIGHTIN' TERRORISTS! Boy, it's getting kinda chilly here. Hey, look! Rain! Ah, how peaceful the rain is. Boy, its getting really windy too. Hey, wait a minuet! HOLY SHIT!"
Hurricane Katrina: "OH HEY NEW ORLEANS WHAT'S GOING ON?" -destroys New Orleans-
All of America: -knocks on Bush's door- "Hey, Mr. President, New Orleans needs help."
-Bush is playing D&D with Cheney- "Yeah, give me a second. I need to save Dick from this troll."
All of America: "People are dying!"
Bush: "Just give me like.. five minutes okay."
US and British Soldiers in Iraq: "This sucks."
Hussein: -In a noose, about to be hanged- "You're all retarded." -gets hung-
-Presidential rating drop to an all-time low-
The World: "America still sucks. There's no hope for that country now."
-A mysterious figure steps in- Obama: "Somebody call me?"
JFK: "This Iraq War reminds me of the time I tried to keep US troops out of Vietnam."
LBJ: "Ho! Ho! And look at what happened to you!" -nudges Lee Harvey Oswald and grassy Knoll shooter-
by StuffedMannequin1 May 23, 2009
Crusades: Expansion Pack.
The Iraq War's a nice throwback to 1000 years ago. Except with guns.
by HeoandReo May 31, 2007
a bad thing.

They had no WMD and that should've been the end of it.

Iraq FINALLY let UN weapon inspectors in to look around. They found nothing, but war was declaired anyway.

It's true, probably a good 70% of the British people were against the war from the very start. Not because we are against war with our enemies, or the enemies of our friends, but because Iraq were really no threat. Why couldn't the CIA/MI6 just assasinate Saddam if they felt that strongly about him?

In the aftermath of 9/11, Britain was proud to hear Tony Blair giving his shoulder-to-shoulder speach, we were proud to go to Afghanistan to fight the Talliban and help try to find Bin Laden. We've suffered terrorism for many years (all my life), and know what it means, and will steadfastly back our Governments policy of ALWAYS standing up to terrorism even if it does make us a target again.

Terrorits are cowards, they don't wear uniforms or fight under a flag. They sneak around, in the dark planting bombs, before sneaking away again like rats. The men who fought the US/UK invasion were not terrorists or cowards, they were scared young men trying to defend their country.
The Iraq war was a mistake, if we truely are commited to fighting the GOOD fight, then we must keep ourselves focused on the real enemies.
by Gamblers Anonymous November 16, 2006
Another way of saying 'mistake.'
Canceling Arrested Development was a huge Iraq War.
by Bermy88 September 14, 2009
Gaming. When a fighting game becomes such a mess that you can't do anything except fire randomly and hope for the best.
Named for to the complete mess that British and American forces made when they invaded Iraq in 2003.
I was playing Wii Play tanks when three red tanks cornered me we all opened fire and it turned into an Iraq war.
by Hujanika Bollockofpt August 31, 2007
Started on March 20, 2003 when a coalition invaded believing Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. This turned out to be false and was used to scare everyone for oil making Bush and his corporate buddies richer. Now, coalition forces (what's left of them) continue to deal with an insurgency that is still hiding in Iraq.

See also Vietnam
The Iraq War was started on March 20, 2003.
by Seraph177 March 09, 2008

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