A nuclear substance used exclusively for peaceful purposes.
Middle eastern countries seek to acquire Iranium to build a peaceful nuclear industry to supply light and heat for their people.
by Plutonium Pete January 25, 2008
Top Definition
An element that, when enriched, can be used to produce nuclear weapons capable of wiping Israel off the map.
Uran is enriching Iranium passed levels required for fuel.
by Information Express April 19, 2006
(Noun) A racial street term referring to Iranians. A combination of the words Iran and Uranium, used to make fun of Iranians for their want of a nuclear weapon. A slang term making fun of Iranians. This word can also refer to Iranians who are thirsty for war with Israel (with nuclear weapons).
Those Iraniums want to destroy Israel.
by willin2takeudown April 20, 2009
A generic term for any or all Middle-Eastern countries, when you aren't exactly sure which one you're talking about.
Clearly, the government is to blame for the problems with oil and wars and nuclear weapons over there in Irania.
by apadwh July 26, 2008
The radioactive element produced when a middle eastern nation nukes the entire world
Ah crap these ballistic missiles are going to reduce us to radioactive Iranium!

The Earth was covered with Iranium, which left the surface uninhabitable for 999 years.
by Reeeeechard January 15, 2006
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