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when you fart in a hot shower and "hotbox" your: "lover / partner/life-partner / buddy /friend with benefits / hetro-life partner / bitch / whore,etc" and make them gag
Dirty: "here, will you wash my back?"
Sahara: "Sure, anything for you honey"
Dirty: loud, ass flappin, wet diarreha fart
Sahara: dry heaving, gagging sound
Sahara: "I think I just puked in my mouth, you !@#$#%%$^%&*^% digusting @#@$$%$^&*&,your ass smells like a dirty iranian, let me out of here now!"
Dirty: holding door closed
Dirty: "Victory is mine!"
Dirty; two thumbs up
Dirty: "That folks is an Iranian steam shower"
by Dirty and Sahara October 10, 2006
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