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1. Person or person who live by their Ipod and the hype that comes with it or any product from Apple. Can be seen with the ubiquitous white earphones either both or one hanging from their ear at all times.

2. A product, an advertisement or anything really that copies the look of the or tries to be an Apple product and or Ipod. Usually called I something or is has distinctive white plastic features.
1. Walked on the bus today and there were at least 10 Ipodians zoned out on ITunes

2. You got to be kidding, an IToaster?
by Gummer Stumps July 19, 2010
A person who is contently using I-Pod. Messes with its system. Always tries to find new songs and new updates for it
Person 1: I don't know how to delete this son

Person 2: Ask me, I am an I-Podian.
by Pods453 August 11, 2009
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