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A common disorder affecting people with an ipod or other Mp3 Player. Involves the uncharacteristic switching of songs after roughly 2-30 seconds of playing a song because of the great shuffle feature. This disorder more commonly affects the owner of ipod shuffles.
Friend 1: Oh, I hate this song!
Friend 2: I love it!
Friend 1: I'm skipping this one. {Listens for 5 seconds} And this one.
Friend 2: God! I swear, you've got Ipod ADD!!!
by B.I.G. Edd March 16, 2006
when you are listening to your iPod (or any music source) and you constantly change the song halfway through, and change back, then go to another song and so on.
Steve: Kyle stop switchin the radio station!
Dan: I think he has iPod A.D.D.
Steve: I think he needs a Smack Across the Face flavored Ritalin.
Dan: Ritalin's flavored?
Steve: They are now.
by Pantsman April 30, 2006
The problem of not being able to listen to one complete song on one's iPod or Mp3 player.
"That's the tenth song you've switched from. You've got iPod ADD."
by Joan B October 23, 2007
having so many songs on your iPod or MP3 player you can't decide on one
I spent half an hour trying to decide on a song. I have iPod ADD
by Randoll April 19, 2007
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