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Known more commonly to the English-speaking world as 'cockroaches' or simply 'roaches' are insects of the order Blattaria; they also one of the biggest insults to the human sense of cleanliness, their presence anywhere is immediately thought of as disgusting.
"There's only one thing worse than ipis, and that's flying ipis!"

"I'm never eating at that restaurant again, I saw a dead ipis under the table."
by mrvernacular March 12, 2009
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An acronym for "I'm Pubbin' it." A CS 1.6 clan that is about Cal-O level, except most of our players are declining in their skill... stupid mmorpgs.
Omnislasher is pretty much the best, Krypticskillz comes second and could be up to Omni's skill.
Genesis shouldn't be noob.... stop being so school devoted.
Noskillz is the noob.
IpI | Omnislash : dude i pwned you guys at awp_map
IpI | Noskillz : yeah, well my lvl 52 assassin owns you
IpI | Krypticskillz: OMFG I LOVE WOW
IpI | Omnislash : YEAOK.
IpI | G3N3515 : stupid WoW.
by Omnislash October 20, 2005
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i want ipis!!!
by Livvy Lou & taloolabell November 15, 2003
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