A Welsh name given to a boy who will probably end up a fat farmer. People with this name usually have blue eyes and a really ugly face and are extremely shit at playing rugby.
Man: That is one big fat pig you have on you'r farm miss

Women:That is not a pig,that's my son Ioan

Man:Yes,I know
#name #welsh #farmer #rugby #idiot
by amazamo December 06, 2010
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Top Definition
A welsh boy's name for someone who is witty, inteligent and funny, probably the best name in the world!
1: He's funny!
2: yeah, his name's Ioan
1: No wonder then...
#ioan #welsh #boy #funny #name
by Sandman1264 July 11, 2010
Elvish for Giant Welsh Chemist. His flaming red hair finds him attracting a predominantly female hoard of friends and in constant battle to maintain his masculinity. His fight can be similarly described to as the great battle of Hobbits Vs Mordor but in this case it is Ioan Vs Womens illustrious ways.
Guy 1 "Hey look at that guy surrounded by women, what a lad!"

Guy 2 "nah its just a Ioan"
#ioan #ginger #welsh #red #hobbit
by Incredably witty tiny women September 21, 2010
A welsh name.
He is typically tall and ginger.
He can often be compared to a boots meal deal however he offers a range of different coloured sheep, predictably horrendous rain and a below par rugby performances as opposed to your traditional sweets, soft drinks & sandwiches
Person 1"Lets go to Ioans and get a meal deal"

Person 2 "Ok, but i'm not gonna get Gavin Henson again, he turned me orange"
#welsh #ginger #sheep #rugby #tall
by Incredably witty tiny women September 21, 2010
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