I've seen plenty of anime, off Adult Swim and on, and I can clearly say that Inuyasha is better than FMA. So STFU.
You are an idiot, geekomatic
by inuyasharocks February 16, 2005
Top Definition
THIS IS NOT A FORUM. IT IS A DICTIONARY. And no, my capslock is not broken. Now please stop talking/typing/whatever you want to call it.
Shut up already, this isn't a forum, or IRC, or AIM... "Inuyasha owns Fullmetal Alchemist"... bah.
by Sick Of This November 12, 2005
This is not a term; it is a phrase.
I never said it was an invalid opinion; I just don't share said opinion.
by Geek-O-Man March 15, 2005
It's my opinion all right, and it's not any more or less valid than anyone else's opinion. If you think it isn't, then you're a Fascist Nazi asshole!
Geekoman is a Fascist Nazi Asshole
by inuyasharocks March 01, 2005
Except they both suck, though Inuyasha slightly less, as FLCL owns them all.
FLCL is better than Inuyasha and FMA combined, twice over.
by 8-Bit Mario February 27, 2005
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