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A woman (or a man) who is sexually promiscuous by flirting and role-playing sexual situations with many strangers (or near strangers) online over the internet.
"That internet slut had cybersex with five different guys today."

"She (or he) is an internet slut because of all the role-playing sex she (or he) has had."
by Unspecified March 25, 2006
1. A male or female that will cam with anyone. 2. opp. of a webcam hooker. 3. Will show himself or herself naked for no charge
I was able to keep my money last night, because I found an internet slut on yahoo messager!
by RSU January 03, 2006
A girl who you talk to on the internet, and sometimes send pictures of your erect penis. Frequently someone you cybered with and then got to know better. Sometimes they can become good friends.. other times they just clog up your inbox with junky forwards. Or turn out to be guys.
Aww, none of my internet sluts are online.. I'll have to go out and meet some REAL people! (sigh)
by hippyfucker February 28, 2004
A girl who will have cyber with anyone online. Also named a google whore.
That girl is such an internet slut! =P
by TheHacker November 08, 2007
A girl who flirt's with and/or has sex with many internet men.
I guess it is really any girl who meets guys on the net.
"Hey dude, I think your girl is an 'internet slut', she waz jus' coming onto me on IM. So I disconnected and came straight over to tell you to ditch the bitch."
"I'm meeting up with this 'internet slut' for sum casual action."
by Diego August 30, 2003

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