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A guy who poses on the internet as the very living definition of calmness.

Whenever an example of someone in the real world (or even online) losing their temper, he will be the first to mock and insult them for their lack of control, as if it could never happen to them.

But secretly, however, they are just as prone to flip out as anyone else, and simply lack empathy or honesty. The internet tough guy's jealous cousin.
<valky> so I got home and I found my wife in bed with my neighbour. I totally lost it, couldn't stop screaming. I threw her out. The kids are with my parents.
<slipklw> you threw her out? jeez what a douche
<valky> don't act internet zen guy with me; I'll fuck your wife and see how you react
#internet #zen #guy #tough #buddha #web
by DCH0 February 03, 2009
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