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An individual that becomes the amalgamation of internet identities. A person that has multiple personality disorders mainly because they surf the internet too much and start acting like they are Madonna in their real life, although they are nearly homeless from their internet habit.

Please also see Lady Gaga and her future impact on homosexual men.

Please also see Internet Neurosis and Internet Psychosis (featuring Second Life)
Jason Rhodes sculptural work suffered internet scyzophrenia to the point he had a heart attack completing his work in Portland Oregon.

Elton John suffered Internet Scyzophrenia before it was even fashionable...he was such a trend setter and it took lots of cocaine.

Madonna was the first stable Internet Scyzophrenic, she stole from everyone without pity or empathy. Some say she is the first internet Psychotic Narcissist.
by quintincrisp July 02, 2011
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