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This is when one confronts a youngish girl who has potential to be pretty but is beginning to show the signs of gunt growth to try and set her back on the right path.
When heather started wearing belly shirts at age 14, her older sister saw that little bit of flab growing and knew it was time for an interguntion.
by Matt January 19, 2004
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When a female's concerned friends warn her of the growing risks of eating too much - namely that all of her fat is going to collect in her pussy and gut, making them bulge out farther than her boobs. By the sheer number of gunts in the world, either the interguntion was not performed fast enough, and the gunt continued to expand to its owner's horror - or the interguntion was not listened to, and the owner continued to eat oblivious to the fact that she could no longer her feet over her pussy
Rhonda's friends tried to perform an interguntion when they saw her gut balooning with every burrito. However, Rhonda did not listen to her wise friends, and her gut and cunt merged, forming the dreaded gunt that now bulges out of her pants.
by waterly July 27, 2006
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