The study of instance, particularly as it relates to the concept of Instant Water. What Instant Oatmeal was to the 20th Century Instant Water will be to new millennium.

The creation of something from seemingly nothing. Shades of ex nihilo, magic even.
When I go to college, I want to study Instantology
by BandV August 29, 2006
Top Definition
Instantology is a field of study that exists for its own sake, studying Instantology. It is a rich area of research, as it appeared out of nowhere only in 2009 (allegedly) and nobody is sure yet what is or what its relation is to other fields of study or the natural world, these questions itself being the focal point of instantological speculation.
I am a window cleaner and theorist of Instantology.

Whilst filling up my wheelbarrow with cheese I had an instantological revelation; that Instantology is a separate expanding universe of pure concept.
by Instantologist May 20, 2009
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