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INH Crew was founded by Kevin Lau and Matthew Hughsam. Both are 2 sooper dooper amaaazingg dancers. Insert Name Here Crew is a crew that krumps, pops, waves, cwalk, bboy, tut, jumpstyle, shuffle, and alot more. our crew is amazing, we also have a Facebook group, thats how pro we are, we have around 1000 people reppin' us. Our Crew meetups are usually in Tdot, cos pro liek that. yeah tthats rite. jelus iz u kkthxbai.
Insert Name Here Crew is amazing!
Insert Name Here Crew can bboy, pop, wave, tut, cwalk
Insert Name Here Crew has alot of pro cwalkers in our crew liek the sooper dooper amazing pro 12k subbed iMuffinsx3
by MrKaayy May 31, 2009
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