The area between Pamona and Beaumont and is usually referred to as the IE. The overall valley is a haven of cheap homes, which lures lower income families to migrate from Los Angeles to the heart of the IE (San Bernardino). San Bernardino has a reputation of being "ghetto" or "trashy" and has a high crime rate, which has spread to other cities in the IE.
I'm from Rialto, and trust me the Inland Empire is ghetto.
by Inland Empire May 14, 2015
a david lynch movie...about hookers, personality disorders, the devil, and as well it had abit about talking rabbits that scared the fuck out of me.
The talking rabbit ironing her clothes was so fucking creepy i pissed myself and crawled under my bed; thank you david lynch for never letting me down :) Yippi I Love Inland Empire...
by dreamkurn2001 August 31, 2010
Ok for all you fuckers that keep hating on the Inland Empire I.E. 909 whatever you wanna call it this is the real Empire

Collection of Cities each with its own personality, some are jus quite and safe cause of the amazing number of cops and snitches( Rancho Cucamonga) and others you can grow kush in your garage without anyone giving a fuck (Fontana/Rialto) Like any other places in America we got gangs hos wannabes and bitches.

If ya wanna go to IE set up base in one the quiet cities and jus hop from city to city would take you at most a half hour to get to the next
Ride the 66 all through the Inland Empire
by IE Nigga December 02, 2010
A bunch of piece of crap towns with nothing to do except go to wal-mart.
Don't ever move to San Bernardino.

If you want to live in California, move to San Diego or Orange County.

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