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Home of the most downass stoners in south texas with only the most chronic of ganja.
Stoner 1: "Dude, remember that night we got all fucked up and started throwing seeds in the neighbors yard?!"

Stoner 2: "...Yea..."

Stoner 1: "It's like a foot tall already!!!"

Stoner 2: "hahah, only in Ingleside, Tx..."
by SDMF. March 03, 2011
Home of the Ingleside skate park....and yea, that's about it.

You'll find fake people who feed off of each other's personalities. Basically, you're gonna want to get the fuck out of this small town.
-Hey, have you ever been to Ingleside, TX?
-No, why?
-Don't. It sucks balls.
by Sophie Hernandez December 10, 2010