a feeling after butt-secks
my ass feels like a raging inferno.
by Matt January 09, 2004
Top Definition
1.A blazing fire.
2.Can be used as an adjective to make the name of a fire-based attack spell.
1.The forest was engulfed in an inferno.
2."Blazing hell inferno!"
by Bad_the_swordsman October 29, 2005
A spell that envelopes its target in green flames; however, unlike a Detonation, it is more of a burning fire than an explosive one. Useful for burning people with magical resilience, whose clothes can still burn.
"It could have been an Inferno, except that the edges around the hole aren't singed."
by Kwing October 28, 2009
the act of inserting two fingers into the vagina and two fingers in the butt hole. it is a sister to the shocker by including the ring finger. gets its name because it lights girls butt holes on fire. two in the pink just as many in the stink.
forget the shocker i want the inferno

set my butt hole on fire!!!
by sex moves of tomorrow May 18, 2010
Cheesy, sweaty, sleazy London based club with beautiful carpet and astonishing disco balls.
ha, James must have had beer-goggles in Infernos yesterday. He pulled the ultimate minger.
by Yogalates April 06, 2005
A competition style battle popularized by MTV's Real World/ Road Rules Challenge series.
Katie was sent into the Inferno by her team to duke it out against Real World.
by Ag2422001 January 05, 2008
- Devout grammar Nazi.
- Commonly misuses the word "anymore".
- Hates the world and everyone in it.
- LoLs(sometimes LawLs) at posts on forums but rarely responds to them.
- Hates Alea.
- Often pastes stuff that was said in a channel about 5 or 6 hours before, and comments on it if he has anything interesting to say (LoL or LawL).
(07:00)(willstar) LoL i need some porn

... 5 hours later ...

(12:00)(Inferno)(07:00)(willstar) LoL i need some porn
(12:00)(Inferno) LoL you are German anymore.
by sol May 05, 2005
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