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origin: Spanish (from Latin), meaning "pure"; "like a lamb". Inez has 7 variant forms: Ines, Inesita, Inessa, Inetta, Ynes, Ynesita and Ynez.

A woman of great passion, Inez can at times be misunderstood in her intensity. She is sometimes reserved, and protects her personal boundaries until she knows someone well. Inez has been known to display a fiery temper, but only rarely.
She is often creative, frequently musical, usually driven, even idealistic.

Inez is a loyal friend and lover.
You will never regret knowing an Inez.
by Maria Ma February 06, 2010
Inez is a nice, sweet, honest, innocent person. Sometimes so nice and sweet they don't realize they hurt someone. Once they do they usually apologize until your ears bleed out. Due to this fact, an Inez usually has trust issues with people. Making them the kind of person who is a mystery that you want to discover. Inez's are also very gullable. Sometimes described as "two-faced" but often people don't know which side is fake since both appear to seem so real.
This is true. Beware, if you make an Inez angry...Watch out!
Inez is sooo cool, but so annoying.
by ishraq February 04, 2010
This woman is a roller coaster of emotions, but if you love her, she will love you back ten fold, she is forgiving and has the best smile in the world and will haunt your dreams forever, but in a good way, she is also known as Ini, she will be your love forever as long as you love her and all her internal organs! Tell her how you feel even if you're scared, because she is a very understanding person and she will love you long time
I love you Inez, or you're the only girl for me Ini, I want to spend my life with you Ini Pie
by Christopher James Edwards January 13, 2013
1. Of dutch decent

2.Frequent flasher of mammary glands (boobs)

3.Virgin; dick tease
I just got Inezed

2. That bitch is such an Inez
by Weiny October 21, 2007
1. a cespool of sex, drugs, rock and roll

2. a camel toe

3. reknowned Cebuana sex kitten and
compulsive titty flasher

v. Nezzin'
OMG! Dude! Check out that chick's Inez!

Damn! That girl is Nezzzin'!!!
by thegreatestdavidintheworld August 19, 2008
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