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(noun): 1. The drumline and pit from marching band but inside.

2. The greatest thing ever.

3. Best part of this activity: going to Ohio for WGI and watching The Pudding Game. :)

4. Worst part: No one ever remebers the synth players..........:(
Person 1: Hey, can you hang out today?
Person 2: Naw, I have Indoor Drumline rehearsal.
Person 1: Awwww.......Why aren't I in Indoor Drumline?
Person 2: You're not a bad ass.
by bandgeek8 June 03, 2010
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It's like marching band, but it only has the awesome instruments in it.
Hey I heard that this year's indoor drumline show is going to be sweet.
by drummer OJ April 24, 2009

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