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A country in southeast asia with a strong patriotic principle that flows through everything here, from the big corporations to the 7/11 stores.

Although racially and religiously diverse, Indonesians have a high tolerance towards it and almost all live peacefully in co-existance. Foreigners are treated with the best hospitality an individual Indonesian can offer (they stare at you at first, but if you smile they would smile back).

A recurring gag that happens in Indonesian culture is the overall hatred of our northern neighbor, Malaysia. Although our countries are almost the same, we have been involved in one diplomatic spat to another, mostly on their part. Threats of invasion has come across many times starting from the 1960's the most recent is when malaysia claimed some of Indonesia's cultural items as they're own. It is however, in my opinion, very far fetched and often unrealistic.

Contrary to popular belief, most of Indonesia's terrorism come's from neighboring Malaysia, there has not been a terrorist leader in Indonesia who is Indonesian. So if you want to blame anyone, go blame Malaysia.

The country however is rampant with corruption, it has improved, but is still common throughout all levels of government. Promises of death penalties are often made but never kept, usually they claim is cause by "religious" reasons.

Overall that's Indonesia for you, if you want "Truly Asia" go to Indonesia. Trust me, Malaysia is pretty much bullshit when it comes to culture.
"Jakarta, born and raised."

Indonesian culture; food, babes, beaches, booze, and indomie (cost like about Rp2.500 here, about 25 cents or cheaper I think. And no it's not made in Australia...)
by its_me_ray_tall_queer_handsome October 21, 2011
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