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one who takes a relaxed approach at opposing the mainstream; has the unnoticeable characteristics of one of the "indie" scene, but also will join any form of opposition to the mainstream. such indie punks may find themselves contradicting themselves, as hipsters and punks tend to be the two opposing sides of non-mainstream culture.
How the fuck does an indie punk make sense?
by dj telekinesis March 13, 2010
indie punk is true punk. bands that aren't all about teen angst and acting "bad ass". some one who is an Indiepunk doesn't always wear black cloths,eye liner and leather jackets. the cuteness of an indie an the toughness of a punk. True Indiepunkers may listen to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Death Cab For Cutie, She Wants Revenge, the Strokes, Bloc Party or any thing they like cause their individuals and WILL NEVER CONFORM! (this is not a label so be who every you want you Indiepunk rocker!)
Dumb ass #1:What are you Goth?
Dumbass #2: yeah you Emo or somthing?
Indiepunk Chick: there's more to ROCK then GOTH and EMO children. i am an Indiepunk.
by Ami Web October 08, 2006
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