It's all about those glasses...
Person 1: Hey, I think I'm going to be indie kid today!
Person 2: Better dress the part, now get your granny's glasses!
by iloveeveryone! November 07, 2010
There are several key components to being an indie kid.

1: Listen to a million bands that no one has ever heard of. The less well-known they are, the cooler you become. Nothing makes you cooler than rattling off a list of obscure indie bands to someone slightly less hipster than you are. Remember, all well-known bands are sell outs.

2: Commit yourself to being different, specifically for the purpose of being more hipster than your peers. Good ways to be different include wearing flannel shirts, having shaggy hair, and making Juno-style, sarcastic jokes. Basically, just look and act like a hipster.

3: You ARE better than everyone else, and make sure they know it. Be sure to roll your eyes at anyone who doesn't know of all your obscure indie bands. Be sure to brag about the books you read and your favorite wine. Be a pretentious snob.

4: ???

5: Profit!
Indie kids are people who want to be different, but aren't mature enough to know how yet.
by relates235289675823592384 June 19, 2010
What happens when a hippie and an emo have a baby.
Maia, our resident indie kid, is that lovely mixture of "i hate the world" and "i hate your businesses" too.
by cheesewoot September 26, 2009
indie kids are cool kids who like alternate music style than the adverage ganster chav emo ect

what do they do: (brit indies) they usally hang around portabella road, sheperdsboosh market ect boys playing guitar (NOT ELECTRIC OR BASS) chilling out being cool

indie boys:indie boys usally have mop hair where there fringe grows to the side they where skinny or straight leg jeans with t shrits or long slaved tight tops with undone shirts

always in battered convers or vanhs

ur uncool if u ever call them chuks

girls- indie girls can be very relaxed about there style often looking for vintage clothing from any era from charity shops or other and make it there own they where big geeky glasses(before gansters made them uncool) and high wasted skirts or skinny jeans.

(brit indies usally shop in topshop, uniclo,ebay and markets)

music: there chanel is nme (382 sky)

where there more main streame music is found if any music becomes in the chart its then uncool e.g.kings of leon,muse,kene.

gansters,chavs wouldnt be know any of the bads they metion and thts the way they keep it.

ganster likes something= indie hates it.

to be lame is to be too cool
ganster:do u here tht song blud init dont up set the rhythem rhymettes

indie kid:fuck thts another band fucking lame arss

indiegirl- duude tht guy looked so awesome mop hair and skinnys ;)

chav girl:omg yh hows can u like tht doue he aint got his hair all cron roe or noting init

indie girl:sorry i was i talking to u sorry listning to laura marling all i heard was init before my brain fucked of
by awesomeismymiddlename June 01, 2009
basically indie kids are a breed of teenagers that are in love with themselves and hate anyone who isn't 'indie' they prefer to call anyone outside of their social group 'chavs' and look down on them although they were chavs a few months ago. indie kids are practically chavs in denial and therefore become infuriated if anyone suggests they were prior to their re-birth as an indie kid, a chav. moshers, emos and scene kids are far more faithful to their stereotype even though they are hugely hated on.
Kid with nike trainers on: hey jenni
Indie Kid: ew. chav.
Kid with nike trainers on: we were best friends?
Indie Kid: that was before i was indie, duh! have you gone insane in the membrane? daaaaaah!
by jxneGorex September 21, 2010
one who exploits ideals for fashion.
does not dance at concerts
sports retro beard and loves to ride bikes
no sense of self, only do and believe what other indie kids do and believe. they love "green" shit, but never do their research and don't really notice if it's made in Chinese sweat shops, they do it because its cool.
fad hags.
they wear vintage because it's cool, and try to look and be poor instead of being grateful that they are actually quite well off.
to see an indie kid move to Portland Oregon or find some secret underground band that no one knows about, then when the music is playing, just stand there.
don't forget to bring your "spirit animal"
by trendhater May 26, 2010
Elitists who often times try to make themselves look "different" and "mysterious". Listening solely to bands that you've never heard of and even dropping them once they make more than 50 fans. Each indie kid is "different" in the same way. They take part in such activities as going to concerts and crappy photography. There seems to be some sort of one-sided war between indie kids and scene/emo kids, but quite frankly, they're both nearly identical. The only difference is that indie kids are butthurt to be put under a label.
"Have you heard the new death cab for cutie song?"

"No way, I haven't listened to death cab since 2004, because they sold out and went to Atlantic Records, and true indie kids wouldn't listen to that"
by its old gregg May 12, 2010
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