Indie Kids are generelly aged between 13 and early 20's. More often than not you will find they are pretensious, rude and sarcastic. This is probably because of the fact indie kids are ofen very sharp and very quickwitted. Indie kids can generally come across as pretty horrible unles you take the ime to know them. They can often be seen hanging around East London and Brighton. Then they go off and dance theyre 60s dance moves.

Many indie kids are very artsy and have intrests in things such as drawing, painting, photography, knitting, making clothes etc. All indie kids love to read and have generally read only books you've never heard of i.e A Clockwork Orange. All indie kids have read this book. And all indie kids bum this movie.

Most indie kids wardrobes are made up of Tophshop/Topman and vintage clothes from vintage shops, charity shops, their grannies closet etc. Indie girls generally either have ligh blonde, dark brown or bright red hair. They all have full bangs and they all wear headbands, either with their hair poofed up over the top or low on their foreheads. Indie guys geneally have long messy fair with long messy side fringes and look like they have never brushed it in their lifes.

Then there's the music.
All indie kids bum music WAY too hard. They have theyre MP3/IPods/Old CD Walkmans everywhere with them and are plugged into it constantly. Any indie kid can name a 1000 of theyre faivourate bands and you can gauretnee you'll never have heard of any of them. They tend to hate any band or singer that they consider mainstream (anything in the top 40)
They tend to lisen o bands from back as early as the 1960s. Typical indie kid bands include Bright Eyes, The Long Blondes, The Shop Assistants, The Who, The Beatles, The Shangri Las and The Rascals.

Basically the short of it is; indie kids are clever haughty brats who know to much about everything. They bum their music, they bum their vintage clothing and they bum polotics, art, theyre oher ultra cool indie friends.

Avoid them, unless your ready to be ripped to mental shreds for liking beyonce.
Occaisonoly you get nice shy inide kids. But they are generally very sarcastic and witty along with it.

Regular Kid: Hey, have you heard the new Beyoncé song? Is prety wild isnt it?

Indie Kid: *whilst sipping heir starbucks frappacino and looking at you over their hick indie geek specs* Oh my god, you like Beyoncé! She's so manufactured. Her music isn' wholesome or straight from the soul. Fuck off, go listen to some Gang of Four or The Shop Assistants.

Reghular Kid: Ok

Indie Kids: On second thought.. DONT! Theyre way to good for you!
*Swans on past you on they're topshop shoes and in theyre vintage outfit to go and watch a clockwork orange and have a hardcore discussion about polotics with theyre other indie friends. Before hiting Bethnal Greens hottest indie club to get off with some oher indie kid*
by MrScenester-x- February 24, 2009
A child who follows what they are told through the 3 divine indie mandates, NME, The mighty boosh and Radio 1.

Generally dressed in awful clothes that are too thing, short or smell like piss. Love to go to concerts where everyband name begins with the word "the" whilst telling everyone else there that "I knew who they were before you ALLL".

A step above scene but a step below chav, however indie kids will have characteristics of both social groups such as stupid fringes and inability to interact with other normal people.

Most likely spotted at a kings of leon concert giving devil horns and saying "omg this is the best shit ever, I wish I could play that bland 2 chord song on my guitar". Whilst us normal kids are pounding your girlfriend and getting her pregnant.

Most likely to insult metal, rap or rock and roll but have no valid reasons as to why it's bad.. generally listen to dull 2 chord songs which all revolve lyrically about being in love with someone who doesn't love you anymore because you took too long to tell them about your love and they are now in a relationship with someone else, most likely your best friend... the girl will be called something stupid like "rose" or "ruby".
Indie kid: You like shit music, I love the Arctic monkeys because nobody has heard of them

Normal: Never of heard of them probably because they're shit?


*2 weeks later*

Indie kids: Arctic monkeys are shit, everyone likes them now.
by Mustainecakes March 20, 2010
Right so, an indie kid is someone who listens to..indie music O.o individual sounding, thus the "indie". Like Mindless Self Indulgence. Oh they cry too apparently... and how would they know?

Indie kids are actually generally happy becuase most indie music is happy too. Makes sense doesn't it? You CAN listen to indie and emo and not be indie or emo you idiots. I listen to indie and emo, and I'm not indie or emo. I don't cry much, I'm not depressed and I don't moan about how my life is so confusing.

So that's your idea out the fucking window.

If people are too sad they're emo. If they're too happy they're indie. If they're inbetween they're just boring.

For God's sake just grow up. People ae who they are. That's it.
Is nothing good enough for you stupid stereotypers?
by Tezeth May 20, 2005
Kids between the age of 13-22 who are full of themselves and feel superior because their music isn't mainstream and who will bash anything that's mainstream, even if it's something good. They tend to be arrogant and rude, and they think that they are just the coolest shit ever. They only listen to indie music and are hypocrites because while they bash the scene kids, they too all fall into a similar style by wearing tight jeans, faded colors, and converse. They also like short, dark hair for girls and longer hair for boys.

Indie-pop and indie are two majorly different things to them. Tell them that you like The Ting Tings or New Young Pony Club and they will laugh at you like the judgemental bastards that they are because that is not REAL indie you idiot.

They are way too caught up in music and it's their entire life. They will only be friends with you if you like their music, otherwise, no matter how friendly or funny or charming you are, they will hate you simply because of your subjective taste.

However, if you do manage to befriend an indie kid, it can be good because if they like you they will defend you to the death. They also can introduce you to lesser-known bands that will be forgotten in ten years and help you embrace the 'vintage' style of old plaid shirts and color palletes of gray and brown.
Person: Hey did you hear that blink 182 are getting back together and touring with Fall Out Boy? Isn't that great?!

Indie Kid: Tch fuck both those bands they suck and they're unoriginal and mainstream and I hate them even though I've only heard two songs from each on the radio and it will ruin my awesome indie kid image if I admit to even respecting or acknowledging them as artists.

Person: Well uh, they both kind of invented and furthered the pop-punk genre and will probably be remembered ten years from now so...uh what bands do you listen to?

Indie kid: -some random band that has ten hits on myspace and hasn't even released an EP- Fuck off so I can listen to my band without having to listen to your mainstream shit clogging my ears. You're a horrible person for liking certain music and I hate you even though I've just met you GOODBYE.

That's indie kids for you.
by asdfghjklasdfsgsyryhkry June 30, 2009
Someone who styles himself with his own choice of clothes without big labels like ambacrombiklrjfas and bitch, wears there hair like they dont care much. Does a lot of art different styles and listens to a lot of indie bands like the white stripes, the gorillaz, the hives, the vines, and so and on and so forth. They are also interested in a lot of random things like Philosophy and Cooking and The da Vinci code for no damn reason.
"Check out that awsome indie kid with the Cool peopl lable glued onto their hat."
by Jack July 27, 2004
A person (generally a teenager) who is either too poor or too apathetic to follow most musical or fashion trends. Generally, a certain proportion of the music they listen to has never been heard of by the general population.

Commonly (but not necessarily) associated with the nerd, the hipster, and Garden State. May or may not read the webcomic questionable content.
"Tyler always looks like he just woke up. He's in the other room right now listening to the Doves. He's such an indie kid."
by Susan Veronica May 04, 2005
some qualities of indie kids-
-listen to indie music (obviously)
-wear drainpipes
-wear converse, pumps, fred perrys etc.
-hobbies include:
~going to gigs
~listening to music
all of the above=indie kids
by rahaha July 01, 2006

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