Listen to unmanufactured smaller labelled music - the blatently obvious bit.

they like bands such as : the strokes franz ferdinand and the cribs ( for those who werent too sure)

Many indie kids will quite easily be mistaken for an emo or scene kid - this is due to scene and emo's being newer groups, which have taken many indie attributes eg- drainpipes, blazers, polkadots and beads

Unlike emos, indies are happy and dont over do the hair ( too much spray/gel)

unlike scene kids, indies dont act childish or obsessive

indie kids can often seem arrogant, though many are not, and are actually very friendly people.

indie kids like to find bands that others have not heard of yet, and can get easily annoyed when people rave about that band once it is in the public eye (eg - arctic monkeys)
indie kids are generally quite smart and do tend to be well kept (like to look quite good, but not overdone)

indie kids like to be a little different, but more importantly like to be themselves.
i suppose myself, an indie kid would wear: drain pipe or straight legged trousers, and a blazer. my hair is parted, but not over done or covers and eye like an emo. i wear white trashed converse
but this is purely because there my favourite shoes and are so comfy because theyve been worn so much :)

a good example of a scene kid, would be very the same, but there hair would be much over done and they may wear make up ( boy ) there myspace will be well overdone, like be set out completely different and would have a good 300 friends, none of which they know, but would be other scene looking kids.

an emo : would wear either looser or drainpipes jeans and probably black converse, generally any colour but white. black shirts, infact as much black as posible, hair would be parted and go over there eye, and hair may be spiked at back. will be depressed and can be quite arrogant and morbid.
by shootums May 01, 2006
Even tho this band is abit tooo mainstreem for indie they tend to hold the flag for indies aroundthe uk (specialy the North !!)and as they said:
That lyric says it all for indie.
And if you dont know what band wrote that then your not indie !
Girl: wana go primark and get some new jeans?
Indie kid: eww no primarks for chavs, topshop !!
by yessmayyte January 27, 2008
A kid who wears penguin clothing and white converse, usually with some sort of heart or something drawn on them. Listens to bloc party, Arctic Monkeys and other good euro indie because thats the good stuff. People alot like Matt. He is a good description
Matt Larsen is a very good singer and great example of an indie kid.
by Adam Lazzaro November 22, 2007
n) Indie kids come in many varieties but a few common traits about them are:
-tight pants
-unkept hair (usually a sanctuary for birds and miscellaneous indie items, in city areas rats are common)
-three or more pairs of vans slip-ons (very shitty appearance….with checkers)
-an extensive list of over two thousand songs that they have listened to once on their ipods
-striped sweaters or sweater vests
-striped sweaters for ipods
-share common like for songs utilizing 4 chords and a pentatonic scale solo(gay)
-an acoustic guitar(from target)
-tee shirts with bands you have never heard of and never will.
-snow caps in the dead of summer
-many have moderate to severe acne

Habitat: Their natural habitat is usually the local coffee shop/legion or v.f.w., which they habitually attend on weekends to watch obscure bands. Some indie kids actually watch the bands but most of them come to the shows to smoke in the parking lot with their friends and talk about other indie bands from Britain, also known as the U.K. (because we all know, the more British something is, the more AMAZING it is).

Everyday Life: Obscurity is really the basis of the entire culture. Chances are, if you have an indie friend, they are probably extreme long boarding in downtown Oswego, Illinois while listening to the Kaiser chiefs at this very moment

Diet: Everything an indie kid eats must be one of two things. Vegetarian or organic. Their meals include: tofu wraps
Turkey wraps
Lettuce wraps
Roast beef wraps
Ham and cheese wraps
Sprout and bean wraps
…………..Fuck it basically any wrap will do
overpriced obscure fruit smoothies(ex. Mango pomegranate)
Whole-wheat non-comformist purple red green and black chips
Tuna (without dolphin chunks in it)
Snapple brand drinks

Average Joe: dude, wanna go to the movies this weekend? The new ocean’s movie is out, it looks bad ass

Indie kid: nah dude, im heading to Colorado for the sundance movie festival, mainstream movies are trash, George Bush is brainwashing you…I’d much rather watch movies about lesbian cowboys eating pudding…and eat some organic lettuce wraps…*turns around and plays song on guitar with three chords*

Average Joe: fuckin weirdo…
by Chillaxers a.k.a. the crew September 25, 2007
An indie kid is so individual that they spend their time alone in their "individual" room, Listening to all their "individual Music" Through Their large oversized "individual Headphones" whilst looking up their "individual" clothing websites, whilst brushing their individually styled hair, which they got cut at that really "original" hairdressers behind their local individual bookstore.
they're that individual (:
Those Ultra "Indie Kids" You See In Topman.
by Dynamite Napoleon May 08, 2008
I'm not completly sure what an indie kid is, but, they, if they are anything like me, and i don't consider myself indie in the slightest, but if they didn't care about how they appear to other people, they probably wouldn't write about it on urban I thought they were shy? And probably wouldn't want to be written about.
Indie Kid: I hate being classed as indie.
by No one you know. Why ask? December 13, 2007
Here's a real definition. My best friend is Indie and I'm emo
Indie kids befriend who they want to. I'll be honest most don't like SCENE kids. Because Scene kids generally steal their style. (Jackets, vintage tee's and what-not)
Now they listen to whatever they want, but it is mostly non main stream bands. They love anything independant, not sounding like everything else out there. Happy, not depressed (like screamo) or revolting (like rap)
They do have a unique fashion sense
1) Everyone wants to be scene bright colored makeup overly done hair that exceeds it's limit
Way to many holes on their body and tattoos mostly of stars or guns or something overly trendy
2)Indie kids are very smart. They take pride in knowing what is actually going on in the world instead of the latest gossip on myspace.
They are fun loving and don't always shun people for not listening to their music and vice versa
My best friend listens to bands that I've never heard of but will listen to what I have playing in my car (Lorene Drive, etc)
Now everyone complains that they are stuck up but at least they aren't bitchy like scene kids that obviously follow a code of SCENEYNESS
And when you hang out with a group of people you're all going to dress somewhat alike
Indie kids=Read, write do something abstract and artistic very vintage and dont have to over do themselves with makeup and photoshop to look pretty
Emo kids= Emotional, sometimes dramatic but not always a cutter and not always depressed.
Scen kids= Overly dressed up emo kids, Photoshop and make themselves fake to look pretty colorful make up that should be left to raves only bitchy and egotisical
by EmoXCore<3 Her Indie Bestie July 10, 2008

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