a teenager (usually) who prefers smaller bands too huge sell-out stadium rockers. Nowadays known for stage invasions and energetic bands. Generally thought of as an new thing, but has actually got roots to the eighties with the Smiths and Joy division etc. Wear small shirts and skinny jeans generally but you get variants as diverse as charity shop and the like (Larrikin Love example) and smart blazers and suits (Maximo Park). Called Indie as they like individual music and try to DIY everything.
Indie kid: I love Shut Your Eys and You'll Burst Into Flames and have tickets for their next 13 gigs.
by -indie-kid-- September 24, 2006
People from 16 to 29 who listen to indie music. They are cool people, careless about what other chavs and scums thing about them. Usually they are smart, they wear cool stuff, they have a nice hair cut and they are different, different is the right word. Most choices that they do is the right one. They don't like chavs, emo kids and metal. They usually have an ipod full of songs of the Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, Belle and Sebastian and stuff like that. They do not wear rbk cos it's too chaving. Being indie is being what everyone wish to be, but they cannot. The reason? You're born indie or you can become an indie kid if another indie lad shows you the way.
Indie Kid: Hey mate, do you know about the Arctic Monkeys?
Chav,emo or tard: African monkeys? Yes they are those small and funny creatures
Indie Kid: Because of tards like you this country is falling down
by Stevooooo February 17, 2007
Indie Kids are essentially the anti-emo.The Indie Kid is at war with the emo because the scum of the earth stole our Converse and made it a symbol of being a twat who likes to take 20 million self shots in the bathroom while covering one of their eyes with their over conditioned hair. Unlike the rather good-looking shoe that it once was.

Another difference between Indie Kid's and Emo's is that we are usually happy, whereas an emo would probably be crying on his own in a dark corner. The main reason we stay happy is because our music does not tell us to slit our wrists or pile on the burdens of other people.

Indie Kids are called Indie Kids because of the music they listen to. Not because of the clothes they wear.

Indie is also it's own genre of music. Not a sub-genre of rock. Although many bands have chose to form cross-over genres.
Indie Kid: Just listened to some Pegasus Bridge. OMG those guys make me happy.

Emo: Just listened to My Chemical Romance. I might just go kill myself.
by CraigMabbitIsAWhore June 04, 2012
Another label placeed upon people, to either make them feel elite, to degrade, ect. the "indie" scene arose from the counter culture of the 60s & 70s. a decesndent of Punk rock scene, indie arose from the alt rock scene of the 80's and 90's. indie(the music) is now a more expiramental form of either garage rock. while the idea(in the scene) is to non-conform(which in fact is immpossible)its become a label, which allows society to degrade and put limits on human potential.
any other label used to describe someone who conforms to anothers idea of nonconforming by wearing vintage clothes, vans/converse, showing an obssesion with nature, "indie" rock, coffee and nonconforming. example of the Indie Kid
by AuZzY October 26, 2007
Indiekids come in all forms and fashions. What seperate them from the flock is their sense of entitlement and the belief that they are, in some way, smarter or more enlightened than their peers. Often this sene of superiority stems from their taste in music.

They will smugly admit to having an "eclectic" or "alternative" taste in music, but what they really mean is that what they listen to is better than what you listen to. If confronted with bands they have never heard of, they will vaguely dismiss them and run home to check them out on Pitchfork.

Indiekids will claim to read books, but are often simply reading reviews or lists of books compiled by other indiekids. When fouled up in a conversation about a specific book by a four-eyes or member of the literati, the indiekid will claim that they are mixing up plots, characters or details with other books they have just read. If not pressed on the matter they will become offended and ragequit.

Fond of irony, but lacking the ability to define what irony is, the indiekid is often at a loss when having a tête-à-tête people who use the word ironic ironically.

Indiekids may later evolve into hipsters or scenesters.
Joe: "Hey, you hear the new Bloody Beetroots album?"
Indiekid: "No, well, of course I've heard it, but I just didn't feel it. Too commercial and well-polished. Plus I've really been getting into IDM again lately..."
Joe: "IDM? Never heard of it."
Indiekid: "Oh, that's no surprise, it stands for Intelligent dance music."
Joe: "Oh for f*cks sake."
by J-Lo Biafra February 06, 2011
indie stands for independent and thats wots indie kids are they give a toss about people who cant accept them people say they try to act cool but everyone does anyway people say they have no taste in clothing either the people sayin this possibly wear emo clothes,sports wear for casual wear or the tacky pop diva look.
most people hate the indie kid they find it weird and different or they cant handle independence and freedom indies give.
by jake the indie kid February 19, 2009
Indie's think they're all so fucking individual. Indie-viduality has become a scene, and all these indies are identical. They're always trying to be different but it leads to failure fashion on www.melbournestreetfashion.com.
You will find them, rolling ciggys, drinking coffee, drinking goon, riding bicyles, being vegeterian, having perfect vocabulary, saying darling, darling, darling, watching the Virgin Suicides, shopping at opshops and finding oh so fashionable outfits that your dead great grandmother used to wear cause its so vintage, having an extremely strange interest in the UK and everything about it, using polaroids or film cameras or fisheyes or just loving photography... Indie's listen to the Smiths, Joy Division and weird psychedelic shit.

they used to love lookbook.nu, they used to love black rimmed glasses, they used to listen to MGMT, but they became too indie for all of it. Indies will always hate anything in the top 20. Indies will always ask "WHAT IS INDIE?!?!?!" But they do know what indie is..
REUBEN (indie #1): come over?
KATE (indie#2): i'll ride over there, we'll catch a coffee?
REUBEN (indie #1): Okay sure then we can go savers?

KATE (indie#2): Okay darling!

BRIAN (Normal kid): fucking indie kids.
by lolllllwhat June 10, 2010
A new generation of people who try to fit in by not fitting in.
Behind all the eyeliner, the gloves, the zebra striped leggings and the discarded t shirt, i could see beyond her indie kid dream.
by Ilovered November 12, 2009
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