a teenager (usually) who prefers smaller bands too huge sell-out stadium rockers. Nowadays known for stage invasions and energetic bands. Generally thought of as an new thing, but has actually got roots to the eighties with the Smiths and Joy division etc. Wear small shirts and skinny jeans generally but you get variants as diverse as charity shop and the like (Larrikin Love example) and smart blazers and suits (Maximo Park). Called Indie as they like individual music and try to DIY everything.
Indie kid: I love Shut Your Eys and You'll Burst Into Flames and have tickets for their next 13 gigs.
by -indie-kid-- September 24, 2006
indie kids are usually witty and sarcastic, they may come across as mean, but theyre really actually good people. If you ask an indie kid if theyre emo you will DIE. no joke, they will kill you for saying such a thing, because indies hate emos and hate it when people mix them up. They listen to bands most kids have never heard of, like arcade fire, spoon, vampire weekend, blur, etc. and wouldnt be caught dead listening to mainstream music. Theyre usually really smart but dont advertise it, and like to read. They are really original and dont hang out exclusively with indies, but they like to have at least one friend who shares their tastes. Music is a huge part of their lives, as is art. i acted like this even before i started getting called "indie" so trust me, i know.
Normal kid: hey lets listen to teach me how to dougie

Indie kid: are you kidding me? im sorry but that has no style, its just generic rap. we should listen to modest mouse.

Normal kid: nah thats crap

Indie kid: wow you dont appreciate music
by treblegirl October 12, 2010
To my understanding an indie kid is someone who is not afraid to show their individuality. Generally, they dress in vintage or thrift store clothing, wear moccasins, or really anything that isn't quite main stream.

They also listen to mainly music that is classified under "indie rock" or "alternative". Typically signed by an independent music label.

Some bands that they commonly listen to are Death Cab For Cutie( a band popular amongst others that aren't indie), Of Montreal, Little Man Tate, Bromheads Jacket, Mumm-Ra, ect.

Though, that is not the only music they listen to, and usually they aren't completely against large labels despite the fact that many people like to make it seem this way.

Don't confuse a true indie kid with a poser or hipster (if that is what you prefer to refer to them as)

Hipsters like to advertise their individuality by going against anything completely main stream
Indie Kid: Wow! I really love Milburn, don't you?

Hipster: Yeah, they are so indie and different! Not like that crap that Katy Perry tries to sell.

Indie Kid: Uhmm... Okay, I kinda enjoy Katy Perry as well.

Hipster: Well, her music is the same as everyone else's! You're not a real indie kid!

Indie Kid: Alright then.
by Just For Show January 19, 2011
This is my definition of an Indie Kid, it might not be yours, but in my opinion it fits us perfectly.

Indie Kids are practically hipsters, just not assholes.
You don't have to have hipster-ish characteristics to be an Indie Kid though, you can just be anyone who isnt a prep, or scene kid, or even hipster; Sort of like someone in the middle. I think thats one of the reasons why we are Indie (Independent) kids. Even though i am practically contradicting my previous sentence, practically anyone can be an indie kid, as long as they're cool. By cool i don't mean good looking or popular, i mean cool as in great personality, fun to be around, good friend, etc.

are original, dont conform, be fake , etc.

likes lots of music, not just indie,
even though we are called *Indie* Kids.

I wrote this so people would hear what an indie kid is from an indie kid's own perspective, and not from someone else who hates on us cause they're ignorant and get us mixed up with hipsters. I personally don't really label myself as an indie kid, but thats what people call me and thats who my friends are so, whatever. There could be more things i could put down to describe an indie kid besides these.
"Yeah dude, you're totally an indie kid, you are original and cool, which is all you really need to be to be one."
by tybdo October 10, 2011
An Indie kid is a middle schooler or high schooler who is an intellectual, deep person who can appreciate art and other things that others may not. And because of this the kid is misunderstood and probably not popular. The word Indie in this context refers to Indie music which is defined by being thought provoking and intelligent but don't be fooled indie is a form of rock and often has electronic influence. Indie kids are most often artistic in one way or another. Wether it be music, drawing, painting or some other form. The Indie kid probably wears dark clothes converse shoes (aka chucks). But the indie kid really does not care what others think of his cloths. At this point you may be getting the Indie Kid Confused with hipsters. The main differences are age(hipsters are between 20 and 30). The other is fashion Hipsters are a lot more vintage with there style. Indies ware converse shoes to but don't let this confuse you. INDIE KIDS ARE A LOT LESS FASHION OBSESSED THAN HIPSTERS ANT INDIES PROBABLY DONT GIVE A SHIT.
Pop kid: Hey do you listen to Katy Perry
Hipster: Eww She Sucks I HAte HER
Indie kid: Yeah I dont like her either. I really don't pop music, but i see why people can get into it. I don't Know just not for me.
by INDIEKID123 June 12, 2011
A teen who stays out of the usual popular trends and looks at finding and making their own trends. Indie kids are sometimes thought of as hippies because the way they dress is bright or earthy toned. most of these people wear many bracelets and are very creative or artsy. They are very motivated and passionate. Indie kids are very real people who will be very real with you. They enjoy listening to alternative music and "indie music" and love the outdoors and nature. Sometimes they can be loners but are often friends with other indie kids due to similar interests. Very cool people worth befriending.
Guy1: wow that girl is so unique! and i love her bracelets
Guy2: i bet she makes them herself. shes an indie kid
by gingerkatykat November 29, 2010
Listen to bands you've probably never heard of.

Wear clothes from thrift stores including cheap striped shirts, anything with animals on them, scarves, and faded tight jeans.

Have polaroid pictures of themselves on their Myspace.
Indie kid: Does this horribly faded wolf shirt from the 80's look terrible on me?

Clerk: Sure does.

Indie kid: Cool, I'll take it.
by C_M November 21, 2007
Indie kids are just kids (normally teens) that love art and music. There is no real dress code. Some like to dress well and others dont give a fuck. We like the music we like because indie music actually has feeling. We are not all that shy, we are all DIFFERENT, thats what indie is about, you are different. And not in a nobody-understands-me sort of way. We just like different things, Non-mainstream more than anything. Not because we WANT to stand out because believe me, of that I´m sure, real "indie kids" dont TRY to stand out, we just don´t go with the flow (and not all of us stand out). We are not all bursting with happiness, we are not mad at emos, we are not dirty hippies, we are who we are and we try to accept others, mainstream or not because we want acceptance ourselves.

There is no physical style, we just see differently and LOVE a type of music that maybe not everybody knows about or likes. We are just teens struggling through the same things every other teen struggles with, trying to feel free from any tendency, trying to have fun in the meanwhile and enjoy the beauty in this measy world.

And by the way, we do like some mainstream music.
random kid: Do I look Indie?
Indie kid: No
random kid: Why?
indie kid: You can´t look indie. You simply are indie or not.
random kid: You suck
indie kid: Thanks.
by Melo loves oreos December 02, 2013

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