Yeah, indie kids all look the same.
But so do all emo kids, scene kids, ghetto fab. kids, american eagle snobs, hardXcore freaks, granola hemp queens, preps, jocks, posers of all sorts, etc.
If you find something you love (music, fashion, etc.) then you stick with it.
Most Indie kids are "indie" cause they have their own style/fashion, just like the bands they listen to (not having a huge record label).

Lay off, fuckers.
Get a life; find something you love and stick with it.

(enter thrift shop)
joe: hey man, how's it going
indie kid: i'm good, let's check this shit out.

(joe comes across cool printed tee)
Joe: you like this?
indie kid: yeah, and it's only like 3 bucks. do it up.
joe: but it doesn't look really cool.
indie kid: who the fuck cares, u like it, it's 3 bucks. so buy it.

by .zimma. August 18, 2006
Originally a fairly cool kid, who wore, did and listened to what they pleased. Dressed in anything that looked cool, from skinny jeans to loose jeans, to established branded polo shirts such as lyle and scott to newer fashions such as allsaints or any make that they personally like. Listened to older bands such as the smiths or more recent bands such as KOL or radiohead. Generally they didn't really care about other peoples opinions apart from their friends. However recently the definition has somewhat changed; Indie kids generally try too hard to be "indie" and try to be different, inadvertently becoming the same as other "indies". The new age indie generally waste a lot of time trying to launch hate campaigns emo's on facebook and the internet, bad-mouthing people who have different tatses and styles.
Examples of different attitudes to other people between new age and old age indies:

Indie kid 1: Oh, have you seen those people listening to top 40 and look at their clothes, they have no individuality!
Indie kid 2: I know, why can't everyone be so unique like us!

(Old school) indie kid 1: Hey, there actually seems to be one or two catchy songs with a beat coming out of the top 40 these days!
(Old school) indie kid 2: yeah, admitedly that kid has a fairly cool shirt too!
by bill789 November 10, 2010
Indie Kids are probably the sickest (excuse the lingo, sickest = best looking) looking crowd of teenagers.

Indie may include:

1) Skinnie Jeans
2) Winkle Picker Shoes or fred perry shoes or topman pumps or converse
3) smart buttoned up shirts with no tie
- checkered shirts
- plain shirts
- short sleeved/long sleeved
4) cardigan, usually unbuttoned
5) V-Neck Jumper
6) tight leather jacket
7) denim jacket/shirt
8) fred perry polos or any polo buttoned up
9) smart coats

Some people get indie mixed up with Emo or Scene, but there are is alot of difference.

There is alot of hate for indie kids from the metalhead world, probably jealousy due to popularity of most indie kids :)

"there is bare indie gash here tonight"
"you look proper indie today"
"im an indie kid"
by Scrotmans February 08, 2009
People usually associate Indie Kids with Hipsters and Scene Kids, but they're pretty different.

Indie Kids enjoy music put out by alternative rock bands and bands/artists who aren't signed to a major record label/no label at all. These can include bands such as: Bloc Party, Muse, Coldplay, Nirvana, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, The Cure, The Black Keys and The Maccabees.

They also enjoy artwork similar to what you'd find on their

favourite band's album covers.

Their clothing can be described as vintage, old fashioned, messy and sometimes just, plain.

Indie Boys have woopy or curly/messy hair. They're usually are seen wearing band t-shirts or plain shirts and t-shirts. They also wear loose, black or blue denim jeans and converse/white Lonsdale trainers. The might also wear hats like Pete Doherty of The Libertines/Babyshambles.
Indie Girls usually have with long, wavy hair often wearing some form of headband. They are usually seen wearing either: loose t-shirts and waistcoats, baggy woolly jumpers or baggy crop tops with band logos or flamboyant patterns on them.
Indie boys are often seen as being shy and quiet.
Indie girls are often seen as shy at times, yet energetic at times.
Indie Girl-"Rawr! I'm a dinosaur :P"
Indie Boy-"Um... Ok."

Person A-Did you see those too people?
Person B-Yes. They were just talking about Kasabian and Foo Fighters
Person A-They seem pretty fond of each other.
Person B-They're probably just Indie Kids
by Rhi<3 August 25, 2012
Contrary to many persons beliefs Indie kids are not mean, rude or sharp-ly sarcastic. Some people believe that they are a branch of 'Emo' and they are not.

Indie Kids usually are around 13 to 19, they like to dress differently and are very opinionated. They are quite calm and are usually hated and loved by members of the public.

Indie kids tend to pity Chavs and scenes, who think they rae so cool and different, when they are not.

Indie Kids Like to stay away from places that are heavily populated. You will see them more commonly in Parks or little Hole-in-the-wall cafes.

Indie Kids honestly do not care what people think. They rae the types to laugh when people are mean to them.

You cannot put your finger on Indie Kids style because unlike the typical Emo or scene, they do not conform to their own standards.

Indie Kids are not confrontational, and usually don't hang out in large packs. They are not loud and are sometimes interested in Things like The Mighty Boosh, The Flight of The Conchords, Oscar Wilde, Asian Candy, Messy Rooms, iPod classics, Banksy, N64, Catcher in the rye, Alice In Wonderland, Big Star, Astronomy, Photography and finding young bands before they make It big, but they don't boast about It, they just smile to themselves.
Scene Kid: I just saw my favourite band play live and I got a picture with them! I will, like, so put this on MySpace! Maybe everyone will think I actually kissed him!

Indie Kid: I just saw my favourite band Play live, lucky me, I will try talk to them backstage.
by Completely anonymous thanks December 22, 2011
Indie Kids are not the pretentious college twats that shop at Hollister and Topshop. They are people with a love for individually produced media that show an interest in art and other similar forms of expression. This is perhaps because it is avoiding the rat-race, hence the 'indi' part of the identity. Despite the new forming popular beliefs stemming from British high school and College students, they are not part of popular culture, rather, the name 'indie' or 'hipster' has been taken to embody a different meaning. An indie kid may be seen as precocious, due to the fact that they have an extensive vocabulary and do not follow the mainstream, but, this is in fact the indie kids greatest asset. I will not name a 'famous indie', due to the fact that, if they are non-existent and have been sucked into the belief that they are being individual, whilst wearing outfits practically made of money. This is why Alexa Chung or Taylor Swift will never be indie. Contrary to popular belief, indie kids are not actually kids, they are usually in their late teens to their 30s and usually care about environmental issues such as Fracking. They express themselves how they want and are an interesting group of people as they value individual thought and opinion. This is why many indie's take up photography and playing an instrument.
Alex: Hey, look at that girl with her topshop bag... she must be indie!!
Sophia: Indie kids are not conformist, you idiot :')
*points to a girl reading Aquinas' 'Summa Theologica'*
Sophia: She's indie.
by Darknessandpolaroids December 19, 2013
Different individuals, dont try to be the same,very artsy peeps, never too full of ourselves, very friendly, very openminded to many things music, arts, clothing, etc. trendy with an edge different to other cliches, o and we dont try to be cool, we r different thats wat makes us unique but we r not wannabes
neighborhoods in NYC like williamsburg, brooklyn heights, soho, has a lot of indie ppl. the terminology "indie kids" refers to teenagers tho, trust me i am one and im happy
by hsrokkers August 01, 2008
People from 16 to 29 who listen to indie music. They are cool people, careless about what other chavs and scums thing about them. Usually they are smart, they wear cool stuff, they have a nice hair cut and they are different, different is the right word. Most choices that they do is the right one. They don't like chavs, emo kids and metal. They usually have an ipod full of songs of the Arctic Monkeys, Libertines, Belle and Sebastian and stuff like that. They do not wear rbk cos it's too chaving. Being indie is being what everyone wish to be, but they cannot. The reason? You're born indie or you can become an indie kid if another indie lad shows you the way.
Indie Kid: Hey mate, do you know about the Arctic Monkeys?
Chav,emo or tard: African monkeys? Yes they are those small and funny creatures
Indie Kid: Because of tards like you this country is falling down
by Stevooooo February 17, 2007

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